Is Jacob a family member of Bella?

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no....jacob is not a family member of bella.

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Q: Is Jacob a family member of Bella?
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Does Jacob tell Bella their family secret?

no, Bella figured it out.

In what way does Bella like Jacob?

Bella loves Jacob in not a boyfriend and girlfriend way but as in a family way like Jacob is her brother or something like that.

Who is more close to Renesmee in her family?

Bella (her mother). then out of her family it would be Jacob.

Who knows Bella is a vampire?

The Cullen family, the volturi and Jacob black know that Bella is a vampire.

What does Jacob say to Bella in Quileute?

In New Moon, Jacob Black said to Bella in Quileute was ''Stay with me forever." hope this was useful for you. xx Jacob actually says"I love You" I am a Quileute member.

What family member does Bella dream of?

her child

Does Jacob love Bella Swan?

Yes, Jacob love Bella, but Bella love Jacob as like family and friend.Actually Bella does love Jacob she just loves Edward more because he's always been the one. I myself hate Edwardo Cullen! Jacob really loves her...but it's an impossible love...

Why did Jacob imprint of Renesmee?

Because he wanted them to be a family and he could not have Bella

On Bella's birthday which family member does she dream of?

her grandmother

What does Jacob make Bella?

pregnent ----- Jacob does not get Bella pregnant. Jacob and Bella never even have sex.

Bella's family friend that told her the legend?

The family friend that told Bella the legends about the "Cold Ones" was none other than Jacob Black.

Does Jacob marry Bella in the series?

no Jacob does not marry Bella. Edward marrys Bella but Jacob has a imprint on edward and Bella child renesmee

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