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no....jacob is not a family member of bella.

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Q: Is Jacob a family member of Bella?
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Does Jacob tell Bella their family secret?

no, Bella figured it out.

Who is more close to Renesmee in her family?

Bella (her mother). then out of her family it would be Jacob.

Who knows Bella is a vampire?

The Cullen family, the volturi and Jacob black know that Bella is a vampire.

What family member does Bella dream of?

her child

Why did Jacob imprint of Renesmee?

Because he wanted them to be a family and he could not have Bella

Bella's family friend that told her the legend?

The family friend that told Bella the legends about the "Cold Ones" was none other than Jacob Black.

On Bella's birthday which family member does she dream of?

her grandmother

What does Jacob make Bella?

pregnent ----- Jacob does not get Bella pregnant. Jacob and Bella never even have sex.

Does Jacob like Bella's baby?

Bella loves Jacob in not a boyfriend and girlfriend way but as in a family way like Jacob is her brother or something like that.

Does the Cullen family get mad at Jacob and renesmee love?

We never hear the views of any of the Cullen Family except Edward and Bella's views. The married couple do get mad about Jacob and Renesmee- Bella nearly kills Jacob in her fury, while Edwards bares his because he owes Jacob for helping Bella and saving her life. But after Bella realises how much her daughter loves Jacob, she doesn't protest, but does get annoyed with him on several occasions. Although, when Bella thinks that Edward and herself will die in a battle with the Volturi, she counts on Renesmee and Jacob's love and Jacob to protect her daughter- this leaves her content with their love and with no problem by the end of the book.

Does Jacob and Bella do something in Breaking Dawn?

no not really they fight alot because Jacob imprints on the wrong person.they act as if they were family

Is Jacob in love with Bella and renesmee?

Jacob was in love with Bella until Bella got renesmee so Jacob loves renesmee