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Yes, Bella does jump at Jacob. However, Seth leaps between them trying to protect Jacob, and gets hurt. (;

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Q: How Does Seth get hurt if Bella jumps at Jacob?
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Why did Bella feel betrayed by Jacob in new moon?

bcoz he kept ignoring her

What puzzled Bella after Jacob rescued her from drowning?

He says 'Bella what were you thinking!'Jacob: 108 degree's over here.Bella: god!(JACOB CHUCKLES)Bella: my hands are freezing .. (BELLA SNIFFS) it must be nice never getting cold.Jacob: it's a wolf thing.Bella: it's not... it's a Jacob thing. Your just warm... your like your own sun.Jacob: is this better, now that you know about me?Bella: But...Jacob: You saw what happened to Emily. Sam got angry. Lost it for a split second. Em was standing too close. He'll never be able to take that back. What if I got mad at you?(JACOB SIGHS)Jacob continues: Sometimes, I feel like I'm gonna disappear.Bella: Okay, not that you need me, to tell you something like this, but I always will. You're not gonna lose yourself.(BELLA SHRUGS HALF-HEARTEDLY)Bella continues: I wouldn't let that happen.Jacob: How?Bella: I'll tell you all the time, how special you are.(BELLA AND JACOB LEAN INTO KISS)(BELLA INHALES SHARPLY, AS SHE PULLS AWAY)(JACOB MOVES HIS HEAD AWAY TOWARDS THE WINDOW)(BELLA RESTS HER NOSE ON THE SIDE OF HIS NECK)Bella: Thank you. For everything.(SHE DEPARTS FROM HIS NECK AND BEGINS TO CLIMB OUT THE DOOR)Jacob: Wait!(JACOB PULLS HER BACK ONTO THE PASSENGER SEAT)(BELLA GASPS)Jacob: There's a vampire.(JACOB TURNS THE KEY IN THE IGNITION AND MAKES AN ATTEMPT TO REVERSE)Bella: How do you know?Jacob: I can smell it. I'm getting you out of here.(BELLA LOOKS TOWARDS THE HOUSE THEN TURNS HER HEAD OUTSIDE THE BACK WINDOW AND SPOTS CARLISLE'S CAR)Bella: That's Carlisle's car. They're here.(BELLA CLIMBS OUT OF THE TRUCK EXCITEDLY... JACOB JUMPS OVER THE DRIVERS SEAT AND CLIMBS OUT THE PASSENGER'S SIDE AND RUNS AFTER BELLA AS SHE'S WALKING TOWARDS THE HOUSE)Jacob: Bella, it's a trick! Stop! You gotta come with me!(JACOB GRABS BELLA'S ARM TIGHTLY)(BELLA GRUNTS)Bella: They won't hurt meJacob: If a Cullen is back here, this is their territory. Treaty says we can only defend on our own lands. I can't protect you here.Bella: Okay. That's okay. You don't have to.(BELLA TURNS HER HEAD TOWARDS THE HOUSE)Jacob: You're about to cross a line.(BELLA TURNS BACK TOWARDS JACOB)Bella: Then don't draw one. Please?(JACOB RELEASES HIS GRIP AND BELLA AMBLES UP HER PORCH STEPS... JACOB TURNS AWAY PUTTING BOTH HIS HANDS ON HIS NECK, AND SLAMS BELLA'S PASSENGER SIDE DOOR SHUT, ANGRILY)(END OF THAT SCENE)Hope I helped :)-Bella.

Does Jacob get hurt in twilight Breaking Dawn?

Yes, he ran away when he got Bella's wedding invitation in Eclipse. But is Breaking Dawn he comes back.

What is the three nomads names from twilight?

Omg! I like can't believe you don't know that it: James- he get's killed in twilight by the cullens after trying to kill Bella and almost suceeding Laurent- he get's killed in new moon by Jacob Black, Bella's friend and edward and Bella's daughters' lover laurent gets killed after trying to kill Bella Victoria- she get's killed in Eclipse by Edward because she tries to kill Bella to hurt edward because edward killed James, the person she loved, but James didn't love her btw in the 4th book edward and Bella get married and have a baby girl who almost kills Bella but then they turn Bella into a vampire and then Jacob black imprints on their baby

What does Jacob say to Bella in quileute in The Twilight Saga new moon?

He says "Where the hell have you been loca?" which is spanish for "crazy girl/woman" and "Que Quowle" which is Quileute. From what I've found out by asking my self, this means "Stay with me forever."

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Does Edward Cullen fight Jacob?

No. But Bella gets angry at him in Breaking Dawn when Jacob imprinted on Renesmee, Bella and Edward's daughter. Since she was at that point a vampire, she attacked him, but stopped herself before she did anything to hurt him.---- Um. She does attack him she does not stop herself. Seth Clearwater jumps in the way of Bella and she breaks his sholder. So she does not stop herself Seth does. It is all in Stephanie Meyer's book Breaking Dawn, on pages 448-453.

Why edward thinks Jacob can hurt Bella?

Probably Jacob is a werewolf, but Jacob loves Bella he wouldn't hurt her.

Why does Jacob hurt Bella in new moon?

When Jacob finds out he is a werewolf, we has to say away from Bella for a while, so Bella was hurt that she was all alone.

What happens to Seth after Bella attacks him?

Seth gets hurt but then heals really quick!

Does Jacob get hurt by Bella?

well if Jacob was the same as us then he would have gotten hurt when Bella punched him but since he's a werewolf he didn't get hurt though Bella hurt her self in the doing so the only thing that told Jacob that he was punched was the crack that Bella's hand made when she hit him

Would Jacob hurt Bella?


On Bella's wedding day did Jacob hurt her at all?

No, he never would. Jacob respects the choice Bella made.

What does Jacob say to Bella at the movies in new moon?

"Bella, I would never hurt you."

What are the words Jacob said to Bella at the movies?

"What a Marshmallow!""I would never hurt you, Bella"

When does Bella get to see Jacob in eclipse?

Edward realized that Jacob wouldn't hurt Bella, so he lets her see him. She then always gets to see him.

Who does Bella hurt in eclipse?

She hurts Jacob of course and i think that's it.

How does Jacob hurt Bella in new moon?

Jacob kissed Bella, so she punched him! she broke her fist!! No that was in Eclipse. I think that the only thing Jacob hurts in New Moon is Bella's feelings when she doesn't know why he is avoiding her.