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At the Feast Clove attacks Katniss, but before killing her she makes a foment about Rue. Thresh hears her and grabs Clove. Enraged he hits her with a rock and she slowly dies. He doesn't kill Katniss though because she was Rue's ally and feels that he owes her. Being from the Seam Katniss understands perfectly. She feels the same debt to Peeta since he gave her the bread when they were little.

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pulled clove from the latke when she was drowning

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Q: Why did Thresh let Katniss go after she told him that she had?
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Are thresh and rue from the same district in the book the hunger games?

Yes that's why thresh let katniss go

Why doesn't Thrash kill Katniss?

Thresh doesn't kill Katniss because she sang his other district tribute, Rue, to death. So he let her go for Rue.

Why doesn't Katniss want to start the tour in district 11?

Because that's where Rue and Thresh were from. Rue was her ally in the games and was killed by a spear piercing her stomach and Rue reminds Katniss of her younger sister Prim. Thresh could have killed Katniss, but when he heard about what she did for Rue, he decided to let her go just once. But he was killed shortly thereafter, which made Katniss sad, for he saved her life

Why did Peeta Mellark save Katniss?

Because She was allies with rue and she covered her with flowers and sangnto hernwhile she died

Who told Katniss not to go to the Cornucopia at the beginning of the games?

Haymitch told Katniss not to go to the Cornucopia at the beginning of the Games.

What are some action parts from the book the hunger games?

1.katniss jrops a traker jacker nest on the career tributes. 2. clove tries to cut out katniss's lip but thresh kills her and lets katniss go. 3.katniss and peeta almost eat poison berries at the end.

What clove does in chapter 21in Hunger Games?

In chapter 21 of The Hunger Games, Clove is alive and partnered with Cato. When the remaining tributes go to the Cornucopia, she throws a knife at Katniss. Katniss dodges the knife and hits her in the arm with an arrow. When Katniss grabs her bag, she barely misses a second knife that results in a small cut on her forehead. Katniss fires another arrow, but misses, and Clove pins her down. Clove teases Katniss, asking her where her boyfriend Peeta is. Katniss bluffs and says that he is hunting Cato. Clove looks around for, but returns her focus to Katniss and knows that she is lying. She teases Katniss more and decides to slowly kill her. She chooses a small knife from her jacket and decides do cut her lips. Before she does, she makes a remark about how they will kill Katniss like they killed Rue, and Katniss spits in her face. Clove becomes angry at this, but before she can use the knife, Thresh lifts her up and throws her too the ground. He is enraged at her, thinking that she tortured Rue to death. Clove protests that it wasn't her, and screams for Cato. Before Cato can reach her, Thresh slams a rock onto her head. Clove is nearly dead. (In the movie her death is censored, and Thresh slams her into a wall where she dies instantly.) After Katniss and Thresh have left the Cornucopia, Cato finds her body and begs her to stay with him. Katniss continues fleeing, and a few minutes later, a cannon sounds confirming her death.

Did paylor let Katniss go in snow's garden on purpose in the Hunger Games?

We do not know. It does not tell us. But Katniss thinks so. And FYI its Mockingjay, not hunger games

How does thresh die in The Hunger Games?

It is not said how he dies in the book but what we know for sure is that it was during a huge thunderstorm that was even trouble for Katniss and Peete in a sheltered cave so imagine for someone in an open field like Thresh. Now this is my opinion and it only seems logical, Cato couldn't of killed Thresh for a few reasons first he still did not have his special armor since Thresh had his pack. Second if he were to have killed Thresh it wouldn't of been without some tremendous damage since Thresh is much stronger and bigger then Cato and he is also in better shape then Cato since he has been eating well from the grains of the fields since the begging of the game. Second of all when Cato is running by Katniss and Peeta when the mutts are chasing him he has no damage on him or else Katniss would have noticed and if he would of fought Thresh to the death Cato would of been in a pretty bad shape. So only way I can see Thresh being killed is that he was struck by lightning while running into the crops. Which would make sense because he is in an open a field and a large target plus I am sure that armor that is in the pack is somewhat conductive but I don't believe that it's regular lightning that struck and killed my favorite character but in fact a specially designed lightning by The Gamemakers to make sure he does not win. Why? Simple either he was to big of a treat such as Titus in another Hunger Games that became a crazy killer eating his victims after brutally murdering them (by the way he was taken out by an avalanche) but that wouldn't make sense for Thresh he didn't go crazy and I think Clove was his only kill. The reason why the Gamemakers took him out is because he did not kill Katniss he gave someone a chance to live and let her be which is not the point of the games they need action they wanted to see that kill and he disobeyed the Capitol it was his little way of rebelling so the Gamemakers punished him for his inordinate action. But that is only my opinion hope I helped.

Who do we find out is dead why does this upset katniss and Peeta?

Every night in the games the anthem will go on, and then they will project the faces of the kids who were killed that day. So I believe eight kids died that day in the Cornicopia.

How does katniss trick peeta into letting her go by herself to get emergency supplies from cornucopia?

Katniss hears the trumpet followed by another announcement from Claudius Templesmith. He explains that at this point in the Games, every tribute is in desperate need of something. He or she will find that very thing in a backpack at the Cornucopia the next day at dawn. Peeta tells Katniss he won't let her go, won't let her risk her life for his.

When does thresh die?

The night that Katniss and Peeta are out after healing inside the cave, they are shown walking around for a few mins and talking, at least until they hear some dog bark sounds and a guy screaming (as if this guy is being murdered) Katniss says "what was that" and then Thresh's face appears in the sky and the thunder sound fires (to let know that someone has died). Now those dog barks i think are the mutts, the same mutts that kill Cato and it's also the same night that Cato is killed by them. As before all that it shows a group of technical people in the Capitol creating these wolf-like creatures. Watch the film again when you have access to it, go to that scene and listen carefully on the dog sounds and the guy screaming, then watch as Thresh's face appears. I had to listen to that part 3 times before it all came to me.