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Haymitch told Katniss not to go to the Cornucopia at the beginning of the Games.

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Q: Who told Katniss not to go to the Cornucopia at the beginning of the games?
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What were the 3 things that Haymitch Abernathy told katniss to do during the hunger games?

Stay alive, find water, and don't go for the cornucopia.

What is katniss dilemma while waiting on the metal platform before the games start?

Please help

What did Haymitch Abernathy advise Peeta and Katniss to do once the gong sounded?

He told them to run far away from the Cornucopia and find a shelter near a water source.

Why did so many tributes die in the cornucopia in the hunger games?

So many tributes die in the Cornucopia because they are fighting over supplies and weapons. Anyone else, like Katniss, may be able to get away with a few things, like a sleeping bag, and then survive off the land. It was just a bloodbath. Katniss was told by Haymitch to stay away from there, it would give her the chance to get away from everyone else, and to not be killed.

Who is telling the hunger games story?

The Hunger Games Trilogy is told from the perspective of Katniss Everdeen.

What is the falling action for Hunger Games?

After Peeta and Katniss are told they can survive together

Does Katniss disobey Haymitch's plan in the Hunger Games?

In the beginning, yes. Haymitch told Katniss to run away from the cornicopia (sp?) into the woods and find water first...instead she sprints towards the cornicopia with all of the other tributes in hopes to retrieve some supplies,

How is katniss the protagonist in the hunger games?

Everything is told through her eyes and the stories focus around her

Are there any quotes from the Hunger Games that have to do with Katniss wanting to win the games for Prim?

"told her that i would try to win for her." Hope this helped (:

How is Katniss a protagonist character in The Hunger Games?

Everything is told through her eyes and the stories focus around her

What does Katniss' mother in the hunger games look like?

Katniss's sister, Prim takes after her, she has blonde hair and blue eyes. Katniss said that she was told her mother was beautiful once. Years of living in the Seam have taken away her beauty.

Who was the protagonist is the story of The Hunger Games?

Katniss Everdeen, but she has a lot of helpers. However, the book is told of her perspective, so it is her that is the protagonist.

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