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Thresh saved Katniss at the feast.

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Q: Who saved katniss life at the feast?
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Who saved katniss's life?

Tresh saved katniss life in chapter21

Who saves katniss life?

Tresh saved katniss life in chapter21

Who saved katniss's life because he owed her one?


How does katniss feel about the feast at the cornucopia?

She doesn't like it but she goes to save Peeta's life

Who saved Katniss's life during the hunger games because he owed her one?

Thresh. He spared Katniss's life because she partnered with Rue and tried to save her when she died.

Why does katniss drug Peeta before going to the feast?

In the book, Katniss recieves a sponsor gift containing sleeping syrup. She dumps the syrup into Peeta's soup and causes him to fall asleep while she goes to the feast. In the movie, Katniss goes while Peeta is sleeping. She did not give him any sleeping syrup. He fell asleep naturally, and she left to go to the feast.

What does katniss decide about going to the feast?

She accepts

How does this event affect katniss the feast at comucopia?

It affects Katniss by getting her the medicine to save Peeta's life and it also gets her a cut on the forehead. She also has Cato off her back and clove is dead.

How does haymitch help katniss get to the feast?

she eats his face off

What does her prep team think of Katniss?

She wants to protect them as though they were small children. A lot of times they annoy her, but for the most part, she likes them.

Where did katniss mom and sister watch the feast?

There Home, On A Projector Screen!

Why did Haymitch Abernathy send a feast to Peeta and Katniss?

Because she kisses Peeta.(New Person)Haymitch sends Katniss broth because that's his only way to communicate with her and at first when she kissed Peeta the kiss lasted like a second and in the note that is sent with theparachuteit says 'You call that a kiss sweetheart?'.-Abby