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She wants to protect them as though they were small children. A lot of times they annoy her, but for the most part, she likes them.

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They think she is a person of rebellion.

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compare and contrast why Katniss and rue think peeta saved Katniss life

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Q: What does her prep team think of Katniss?
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What was the names of Katniss's prep team in the hunger games?

The members of Katniss Everdeen's prep team are Flavius ( who does Katniss' hair), Venia ( who does Katniss' waxing and eyebrows), and Octavia ( who does Katniss' nails.) They are led by Cinna.

Who was katniss's style team?

Cinna was her stylist and her Prep Team consisted of Octavia, Venia and Flavius

Who helped cinna get katniss ready for the hunger games?

The prep team: Flavius, Octavia, and Venia.

Who are katniss's stylist?

A man named Cinna, who is assisted by a prep team: Flavius, Octavia and Venia.

Who are Katniss' stylists?

A man named Cinna, who is assisted by a prep team: Flavius, Octavia and Venia.

What does katniss have done before she meets her stylist?

She has been prepared by the prep team for Cinna. Hope this helped (:

Why does katniss have a prep team?

to make her look pretty so that people will want to sponsor her when she is in the hunger games arena

Why does the prep team's talk of the games annoy katniss?

Katniss think's that the Prep Team that she has looks, strange. Only because they are from the Capitol, where everyone dresses up different. Especially different from District 12. She looks at them like their crazy in some ways. Cinna, wearing gold eyeshadow. She thought that was bizzare.Hope this helps! ~Lindd

What are the names of the other stylists in the hunger games?

Katniss' stylist was Cinna. Her prep team was Octavia, Flavius, and Venia. Peeta's stylist was Portia.

When does cinna style Katniss in the hunger games?

Cinna styles Katniss after she arrives at the capitol by train, before the opening ceremonies. Her prep team readies her prior to Cinna coming in, sitting down with her, and then styling her.

Why was Cinna able to offer Katniss the best advice about presenting a public image in hunger games?

because katniss is hostile twords haymitch and she despises anyone else in the Capitol besides her prep team, himself, and Effie

What is pages 73 through 76 about in the book the hunger games?

On p. 73 (the end of chapter 4) is about Katniss realising Peeta is fighting to kill her. P. 74-76 are Katniss being prepared by her prep team, Venia, Octavia and Flavius.