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In the book, Katniss recieves a sponsor gift containing sleeping syrup. She dumps the syrup into Peeta's soup and causes him to fall asleep while she goes to the feast.

In the movie, Katniss goes while Peeta is sleeping. She did not give him any sleeping syrup. He fell asleep naturally, and she left to go to the feast.

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Yes, Katniss does make the right decision by drugging Peeta and going to the feast. She risked her life for him. She was almost killed, but she got the medicine Peeta needed to recover.

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Because Peeta wouldnt have let her go to the feast if he was conscious.

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yes, because katniss has risked her life for him and has helped him through his injury. So this can be her treat/

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Q: Why does katniss drug Peeta before going to the feast?
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What does the squirrel meat that Peeta and katniss save before the feast in the hunger games symbolize?

they were just saving the rest of the food they had because they didnt know how long they were going to be

When were Katniss and Peeta going to break off the alliance?

Katniss and Peeta were going to break off the alliance the night the careers came to get them

What does katniss decide about going to the feast?

She accepts

How does Katniss know to run away after she gets the bow and arrows?

Peeta runs out of the trees and tells her that Cato is after her and is going to kill her. Peeta tells Katniss to run away.

What happens to Peeta and Katniss in mocking jay?

SPOILER: Peeta is brainwashed by President Snow. But is returned to District 13 to Katniss. He tries to kill Katniss and calls her a mutt. So, they make peeta look back in the past with Katniss and he remembers everything. therefore, they really get married and have kids.

What page was when petta and Katniss where going to kill herself?

Peeta and Katniss use the nightlock berries on pages 344-345.

What is the complication on Catching Fire?

Okay, first of all, Katniss does not know if she loves Peeta or Gale. Her feelings are really mixed up and she has a hard time making choices. Also, SPOILER ALERT!!! (I may be about to spoil the book for you if you continue reading). If Katniss doesn't look like she is madly in love with Peeta--some of the people in the Capitol aren't falling for it--then President Snow threatens to kill Gale and their families. Katniss and Peeta's relationship is confusing for them because Peeta (and even Katniss, sometimes) can't tell when or whether Katniss' feelings for Peeta are real- or just an act for Snow. Catching Fire really explains that Katniss is not that good with this act. Peeta actually loves Katniss, so it bothers him that Katniss has to act. Still, Katniss finds herself falling in love with Peeta. This is made worse by the fact Peeta says to the capitol audience that Katniss is going to have a baby so if Katniss survives, the capitol is going to be wondering 'So...where's the baby then...?'

Is Katniss pregnant in the mockingyjay?

No, it was just a story that Peeta made up in order to emphasize the beastliness of the Hunger Games.

What is chatching fire from The Hunger Games about?

Its about Katniss and Peeta going back to the hunger games

Why did katniss believe Peeta Mellark was going to kill her in the games?

because he ganged up with the carrers

How is the relationship between Katniss and peta in the hunger games?

katniss immediately recognises Peeta when he picked from the reaping ball. When she was a little girl, Peeta had thrown her some bread he had burnt from his bakery, after he had seen her starving. katniss constantly feels like she owes Peeta, and can never fully warm to him. Peeta confesses on live television that he has loved katniss for as long as he can remember, and although katniss thinks it is just for the public, the reader suspects differently. Throughout the actual games, katniss and Peeta play the part of star crossed lovers, but surprise each other on a number of occasions. Peeta and katniss make different alliances and Katniss doubts she can trust him. It all comes down to when Peeta warns her of an approaching tribute, and he takes the full blow of the tributes sword. katniss and Peeta get separated, and when Katniss finally finds Peeta, he is already half dead. katniss decides to help Peeta, as she has grown emotionally attached to him, considering he is going through the same horrific ordeal as she is. They begin showing some affection, half for the cameras, half for their true feelings. Katniss always to show hostility to Peeta, even though he is the only person she feels happy with, knows she can trust, knows that he understands her, and loves her to bits. Throught the three books, Katniss is constantly choosing between her friend Gale and peeta, but when Gale's parachute bomb kills Prim, katniss chooses Peeta and Gale leaves to another district. In the epilogue of the last book, Peeta and katniss have children. I hope that answers your question!!! :)

What were foxfaces experiences during the hunger games?

Well, her first appearance in the book, in the arena, was before Katniss blew up the supplies. Foxface did "dance moves" to avoid the bombs planted in the ground, hinting to Katniss about what was going on. After Katniss blew up the supplies, she returned and laughed over the pile of ash, knowing she might actually win. She was able to find a knife blade, and a pot. Then, Foxface was seen at the feast, running out of the cornucopia, grabbing her district bag, and running into the woods. Foxface's last appearance was her death, when she followed Katniss and Peeta and ate the nightlock Peeta had gathered.