Who saves katniss life?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Tresh saved katniss life in chapter21

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Peeta Mellark

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Q: Who saves katniss life?
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Who saves Peeta's life from the monkey attack?


Did Peeta Mellark saves katniss's life by warning her that cato is after her?


Does Katniss let Peeta live or die in the hunger games?

Katniss lets Peeta live and saves his life

Who saves katniss's life at the cornucopia?

John Adams

Who saved katniss's life?

Tresh saved katniss life in chapter21

Who saved katniss life at the feast?

Thresh saved Katniss at the feast.

What is Katniss' additude towards life?

to be hungry?

How did the tributes show compassion for each other in The Hunger Games?

team work and alliances katniss & rue: both of them were hiding in trees above the careers tributes. rue showed katniss a nest of genetically enhanced wasps/ bees known as tracker jackers. she used this to drop on the careers to eliminate them, since she was stuck in the tree and they were waiting to kill her. she ends up killing 2 careers in return rue and katniss start an alliance. katniss shows her how to gather food, they share a sleeping bag, protect one another, get to know each other as friends. rue reminds katniss of her little sister prim. small, innocence and too young to be at the hunger games. katniss took care of rue. when rue is killed katniss sings to her and covers her in flowers. singing is rue's fave and flowers as a sign of respect. thresh and katniss- he spared her life when he found out rue was killed and katniss killed the tribute who killed her. she also told thresh she sang to rue just be fore dying and she covered her with flowers. katniss & peeta- when she is almost caught by cato and other career tributes peeta stays behind to fight him and katniss is able to get away. he saves her life. katniss saves peeta's life later on when he's badly injured from cato. she takes care of him by feeding, mending wounds, gathering roots to eat and going to the feast to for the one item which will save his life. they show compassion by getting to know each other, saving one another and working together.

Is Peeta and Katniss realy together in real life?

No, the actors who portray Katniss and and Peeta aren't together.

How does saving peeta's life with medicine affect katniss?

By playing up to the crowds Katniss gets more sponsors which helps her get life saving supplies in the Arena.

What is Katniss's real name in real life?

Do you mean the actress who plays Katniss? If so, her name is Jennifer Lawrence.

Who saved Katniss's life during the hunger games because he owed her one?

Thresh. He spared Katniss's life because she partnered with Rue and tried to save her when she died.