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Devendra Banhart

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Q: Who sang these lyrics shabop shabop my baby?
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Who sang the song with the lyrics You can do magic baby who sang the song with the chorus You can do magic magic magic?

Olivia Newton-John

What was the song that Jennifer Lopez sang recently on SNL with the lyrics Ain't no doubt about it or I'm in love with you?


Who sang the song that has lyrics I am your vehicle baby I'll take you anywhere you want to go?

The Ides of March.

Who sang the song with the lyrics I love little baby ducks old pickup trucks?

Tom T. Hall sang the song, "I Love Little Baby Ducks." I think it came out in the 1970's.

Who sang the 80's song with baby its you in the lyrics?

I'm pretty sure the "80s song" you mean is from 1991 and it's "Baby Baby" by Amy Grant.

Who sang with Ozzy and wrote lyrics with Nikki Sixx and had a song with a line that said Come on Baby kiss me?

Lita Ford

What were the lyrics strother martin sang?

what were the lyrics strother martin sang in butch cassity and sun dance kid

Can you find lyrics that no one has sang?


Who sang the song 'Crazy Baby'?

The song 'Crazy Baby' is performed by the 'Fantasy Project.' One can easily the lyrics videos as well as fan made videos on the popular YouTube website.

Who wrote the song 'baby im a star ' that prince sang in Purple Rain?

Prine wrote the music and lyrics of "Baby I'm a Star" as well as for all the songs from "Purple Rain".

Who is the male singer who sang Sweet Dreams Baby?

Glen Campbell is the male singer who sang "Sweet Dreams Baby". Roy Orbison sang the original version, entitled simply "Dream Baby" and including the words "Sweet Dream Baby". The Glen Campbell version completely changed the meaning and made nonsense of the lyrics by adding an "s" to "Dream".

Who sang the song with the lyrics did you ever?