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Olivia Newton-John

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Q: Who sang the song with the lyrics You can do magic baby who sang the song with the chorus You can do magic magic magic?
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What is the funk song with the lyrics 'love love love'?

I think their was a Beatle song like tht had those lyrics in it. My chorus sang it for our school and they luved it!

Who sang these lyrics shabop shabop my baby?

Devendra Banhart

Who sang the song with the chorus baby it's you?

There may be more than one, but "Baby It's You" was a hit for Smith in the early 70s.

Who sings country song with the chorus lyrics today?

The country song "Today" is sang by Gary Allen

Who sang you can do magic?

America sang "You Can Do Magic".

I remember this song called Magic and I can remember the chorus of the song just not the composer. The chorus is Magic this is magic see the night shine bright as day so easy...etc. HELP?

yeah i sang that for my choir lol ive tried looking it up to, no one seems to have any info maybe its copyrighted or something

What was the song that Jennifer Lopez sang recently on SNL with the lyrics Ain't no doubt about it or I'm in love with you?


Who sang the song that has lyrics I am your vehicle baby I'll take you anywhere you want to go?

The Ides of March.

Who sang the song with the lyrics I love little baby ducks old pickup trucks?

Tom T. Hall sang the song, "I Love Little Baby Ducks." I think it came out in the 1970's.

What did the chorus in Greek plays do?

they sang

Who sang the 80's song with baby its you in the lyrics?

I'm pretty sure the "80s song" you mean is from 1991 and it's "Baby Baby" by Amy Grant.

'Who sang the 80s song with the following lyrics Don't pretend you're always going to need me don't pretend then later CHORUS I feel the heat'?

Jonathan mars - don't pretend