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I think their was a Beatle song like tht had those lyrics in it. My chorus sang it for our school and they luved it!

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Q: What is the funk song with the lyrics 'love love love'?
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What are the lyrics to Da Funk by Daft Punk?

Da Funk is a popular song by Daft Punk. There are no lyrics to the song Da Funk as the song is an instrumental song. This means it only contains music without singing.

What funk disco soul song has the lyrics we got the funk?

We Got The Funk by Positive Force

What band sings the funk song with the only lyrics being Money Money Money Money Money?

O'Jays - For the Love of Money

Who sings the song living in funk?

You might be thinking of the song "Eminence Front" recorded by The Who. Another song called Funk, Funk by Cameo (1977) has the lyrics; 'Cause we are living in funk' with lots of brass and horns... It's on Youtube...

Where can one find the lyrics to Rage Against the Machine's song Renegades of Funk?

There are many websites where one can find the lyrics to Rage Against the Machine's song "Renegades of Funk". One can find the lyrics on "YouTube", "sing365", "azlyrics", and "stlyrics".

Who sings the funk song on the radio commercials that has the base guitar beat and the only lyrics are Money money money money MONAY?

You're probably talking about "For the Love of Money," recorded by the O'Jays in the '70s. It's a classic funk song.

What song has lyrics love me love say that you love?

There is a song from the movie cruel intentions that has similar lyrics. Its called love fool and its by the cardigans. there are no songs with those lyrics but there are some that have love in them

What song has the lyrics my one and only love by sting?

The song by Sting is "My One and Olny Love", has these lyrics.

Who sings old school funk song peanut butter and jelly mp3?

Lenny White...this is a old school funk song. I love it. The name of the song is Peanut Butter.

Do you like the song lyrics?

song lyrics? you havnt exactly said what song lyrics to what?