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mark farner of Grand Funk Railroad

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Q: Who wrote the song bad time to be in love?
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Who wrote the song bad romance?

Lady Gaga

When was It's Not Love - But It's Not Bad - - song - created?

It's Not Love - But It's Not Bad - - song - was created on 1972-08-28.

Who wrote the song company?

The band Bad Company wrote the song Bad company... Off the self-titled album Bad Company. It may sound funny but it is what it is lol. You can look it up on YouTube if you like.

Did Justin bieber wrote the song you got it bad?

No he didn't.

What song are the lyrics I'll love you through the good and the bad through the sun and the rain from?

you love me throug my good and bad gosple song

Which song in kesha does not have any bad words in the songs?

Dinosaur Tik Tok Your Love is my Drug True Love

Who wrote good love gone bad?

Cobra starship

Who wrote the song who's afraid of the big bad wolf?


What does the song lovegame mean?

The song love game is not bad i actual like it...

What is enrique Iglesias song not in love about?

Enrique Iglesias song tired of being sorry is about love gone bad.

Does Adam Lambert have a song called Love you Bad?

No he does not?

When was You Give Love a Bad Name by Bon Jovi recorded?

Shot throught the heart and your to blame, you give love a bad name,,,,been a long time i believe it was 1985 when they released the slippery when wet album witch featured the song,,you give love a bad name.