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Q: Who said I think we ought to climb the mountain. lord of the flies?
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What does Simon do?

"I think we ought to climb the mountain."

What does Simon suggest doing?

"I think we ought to climb the mountain."

When you climb a mountain the density increase?

yes i think...

What has higher pressure a mountain or a valley?

i think a valley does because when you climb a mountain the air pressure decreases the higher you go.

Why do you think climbers pay close attention to the weather during their climb?

because if there is a storm the trail for the mountain will be wet and the trail is also very steep and dangerous. if they climb a wet mountain they could fall

Who climb the himalaya?

I dont think nyone has climbed all the mountains in he Himalayas, the Himalayas is a large mountain range.

Why did Moses climb up the Mount Sinai?

God called Moses to climb Mount Sinai. Why? Simply put Moses needed a break!Why would the scripture say moses was called to the top of a mountain, then say He went to the top of the mountain...? Isn't that kinda repetitive? When Moses was called to the top of the mountain, It was Gods way of saying climb the mountain and be on top of the mountain. So often we can be on the mountain but inside we can be somewhere else. He was saying to Moses Leave your worries and concerns at the bottom of the mountain and be with Me... don't even think about how to get down... just be on top of the mountain!

Who was the first person to climb the sierra Nevada?

I think a Spanish person 'cause it is spanish for "snowy mountain range"

What do the nuns think about Maria in The Sound of Music?

At the beginning, the nuns think of Maria as a nuisance. They sing a song called "Maria" in which they complain about different things she does, including climbing a tree, ripping her dress, wearing curlers under her habit, singing when she shouldn't be, and being late to everything. They believe she is a nice girl, but that she isn't made out to be a nun. However, they do help her later on by housing her when she runs away, allowing her to get married at the abbey, and hiding her family from the Nazis.

What is the theme of Banner in the Sky?

it is about a boy named Rudi who climbs the dangerous mountain called citadel. It is where his father tried to climb it once but had failed and died on it. so Rudi and his villagers are set to climb the mountain their hero has climbed. it gets good in the middle!

Why do you think that most of the climbers climbed mount everst in themonth of may?

The best time to climb Mount Everest would be during April and May before the monsoon arrives making it near impossible to climb or survive on the mountain.

How do you get on route 226 on pearl?

well you go to the survival area and you will need rock climb and surf i think and if your trying to get to the mountain then you will also need strength and rock smash