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I've already read the book, and i believe that the fire at the top of the mountain kept him civilized, and the fact that he was the "leader" of the group, but also his eeling that they were gonna get rescued. Thats what I think.

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He thinks a chief needs to be able to think and be wise. He also needs to be able to make quick decisions. :)

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Q: What does Ralph realize a chief needs to be able to do in lord of the flies?
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What does Ralph realize is necessary in order to be a leader?

Some things that make Ralph a desirable leader are that he's bigger than Jack, and he appears fit and powerful. He also calls the meeting and has possession of the conch, which makes him appear to be a leader and in control of things.

What conclusion does Ralph come to about being a chief?

Ralph decides that someone with more experience should either guide or control them; thus leading to the idea that Piggy could. Piggy was no chief even though he was older than the others. Ralph's own ability is weakening everyday. He concludes that if he were to blow the conch, and none of the boys were to show up, all sanity will be gone and they will be savages.

How does golding subtly begin to portray jack's group as heathen in lord of the flies?

Golding subtly portrays Jack's group as the heathen by, starting with the death of Simon, showing that they base everything they do upon their own needs or desires. they show no interest in how violent they are being, or even in the needs of others. all the tribe members do what they do because of the chief, and the chief does all he does for either food, survival, or revenge on Ralph.

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Who needs a friend in 'Lord of the Flies'?

Piggy. We know from the beginning of the novel that he WA bullied at school ("as long as they don't call me what they used to.."). At the end, he does get what he wanted. as Ralph weeps "for the fall through the air of a true, wise friend called Piggy"

In Lord of the Flies what does Ralph think is the most important thing that needs to be addressed on the island?

On the island the only items of any importance to Ralph would be the conch and the signal fire. Indeed in chapter 5: Beast from Water Ralph actually states, "The fire is the most important thing on the island." But the things that really matter to Ralph are things which he years for back at home. He longs for a hot, soapy, bath, for clean clothes, a haircut, tootbrush and for his old and familiar books. The thing that is of most importance to Ralph is to return home.

Who needs a barb on his spear in lord of the flies?


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