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Q: Who needs a barb on his spear in lord of the flies?
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Who hit the boar with the spear lord of the flies?


Who hit the boar with his spear lord of the flies?


In chapter 3 of Lord of the Flies Jack says he could kill a pig if they could make what?

Jack claims he only needed barbs on the spear head to kill the pig. Jack is consumed with killing a pig, but is unable to do so.

Why does jack put the pigs head on a stick in lord of the flies?

Because he does not have the barb wire to hold it on.

In Lord of the Flies ho grabbed Eric's spear and jabbed Robert with it?


What do they do with the sow's head in the lord of the flies?

They stabbed it with a spear and let it rot in the middle of a clearing.

How is sadist used in the Lord of the Flies?

Sadism is used when Jack kills the pig and rapes it with his spear.

What now is Ralph only weapon and how did he get that weapon - lord of the flies?

A spear that was left stuck in the pig's head.

In lord of the flies what now is ralphs only weapon and how did he get the weapon?

In The Lord of the Flies Ralph's only weapon is a stick that has been turned in to a spear. He took the stick that was being used to mount the pigs head.

Who skins the pig in Lord of the Flies?

Nobody skins the pig. It's head is cut off and put on a spear. The flies then devour it and leave only the skull.

In Lord of the Flies how does Ralph react when a boar comes charging down the path?

He tosses a spear at it and hits it right in the nose.

How does Roger help in killing the sow in Lord of the flies?

Roger pushed his spear up the sow's rectum.