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Ralph thinks the most important things that need adressing are being rescued and keeping up the fire.

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Q: What does Ralph think is the most important thing that needs to be addressed on the island and what is his complaint?
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What is Ralphs second complaint?

Ralph complaints that shamar Edwards is a black guy

What is Ralph's second complaint in chapter 5?

the huts hes building for the "littleuns" keep falling

What does Ralph think is most important on the island?

I don't think that there was any one thing that pleased Ralph most, except perhaps the absence of adults. Ralph seemed equally captivated by everything, the fact that he was on an island, that it was a tropical island, the reef, the platform, the bathing pool, the mountain, the pockets of flowers and trees, everything was 'good' it was a 'good island.' Initially Ralph viewed the entire experience as a positive experience, an opportunity to have fun while he waited for the inevitable rescuers to find him and the other boys.

Who left on Ralph side of the island?


Which three boys explore the island in Lord of the Flies?

Ralph, Jack and Roger search the island and climb the mountain in their search for "the beast."

Which man discovered Roanoke island?

Ralph Lane

Who first suggest that they might not be on a good island?


In Lord of the Flies what does Ralph think is the most important thing that needs to be addressed on the island?

On the island the only items of any importance to Ralph would be the conch and the signal fire. Indeed in chapter 5: Beast from Water Ralph actually states, "The fire is the most important thing on the island." But the things that really matter to Ralph are things which he years for back at home. He longs for a hot, soapy, bath, for clean clothes, a haircut, tootbrush and for his old and familiar books. The thing that is of most importance to Ralph is to return home.

What three boys go on the exploration to see if they are indeed on an island in lord of the flies?

Early in the novel Ralph, Jack and Simon climb the mountain to ascertain if they are actually on an island. Later in the book Ralph, Jack and Roger climb the mountain in search of the beast.

Who is the leader of the British Virgin Island?

Ralph T O'neal

What does jack think is important?

jack thinks that getting food is the most important thing on the island, buut Ralph thinks the housing is the most importanty because it will give security at night and if the weather gets bad

Why was Ralph j bunche important?

Because, he sucked a lot of dick. A LOT. So, that is why Ralph Bunche was important, he sucked penis.