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He takes off his clothes and does a handstand.

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Q: How does ralph react when he realizes there are no adults on the island?
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How did Ralph and Piggy react to the crash?

Piggy is scared out of his mind at the fact that there is no adults, and Ralph took charge and gathered everyone, showing he was calm and taking leadership.

What happened to the smoke on the mountain and how does Ralph react?

The smoke on the mountain was from a ship passing by, which Ralph and the other boys mistook for a potential rescue. They become excited and light a signal fire to attract the ship's attention. However, the fire ends up consuming a large part of the island, causing chaos and fatalities among the boys. Ralph reacts with mixed emotions of hope, excitement, and eventually horror as he realizes the consequences of the fire.

How do the hunters react to ralphs angry tirade in the novel lord if the fleis?

The hunters react defensively and dismiss Ralph's concerns, even mocking him. They are more interested in their immediate desire for food and fun than in following Ralph's leadership or understanding the seriousness of the situation. This ultimately leads to chaos and a breakdown of order on the island.

Why did Ralph estblishing rules and how did jack react?

Ralph established rules to maintain order and safety on the island. Jack initially supported the rules but grew increasingly rebellious, wanting to hunt and have fun instead. Jack's disregard for the rules led to a power struggle with Ralph, ultimately splitting the group and causing chaos.

How did Ralph react when he saw Piggy die?

he was devistated but content

Where do they film teens react and kids react?

Rhode Island

How does jack tribe react to ralph's talk of rescue?

they laughed at him

How do Ralph Jack and Roger react when they finally see the beat?

Ralph, Jack, and Roger are very frightened when they finally see the beast.

What does Ralph say to piggys remark that they were scared?

Why does piggy suggest that they let the signal forego out at night and relight it every morning? How does Ralph react?

Why does Ralph laugh as he says i got the conchand why does piggy react so strongly?

Ralph laughs when he says "I got the conch" because he is trying to lighten the tense situation on the island. Piggy reacts strongly because he sees the conch as a symbol of order and democracy, and he is frustrated by the lack of respect shown towards it.

How do the hunters react to Ralph's tongue lashing?

The hunters initially react with silence and defiance to Ralph's speech before gradually becoming more agitated and aggressive. They eventually descend into chaos and violence, leading to the tragic conclusion of the novel.

What does Simon predicts as he talks to Ralph and how does Ralph react?

he predicts that SImon will reach or he shall return home safely. Simon says, "You'll get back all right." (Chapter 7) Ralph's reaction is unsure and uncomfortable.