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Piggy is scared out of his mind at the fact that there is no adults, and Ralph took charge and gathered everyone, showing he was calm and taking leadership.

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Q: How did Ralph and Piggy react to the crash?
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How did Ralph react when he saw Piggy die?

he was devistated but content

Who does the piggy live with before the plane crash in lord of the flies?

his grandmother

How does Ralph react to Piggy's idea to make a sundial?

Ralph ridicules it as pointless by saying "yes and then we could build a radio and a televison." When Piggy explains that all you need is a stick to make a sundial Ralph tells Piggy to, "Shut up."

What does Ralph say to piggys remark that they were scared?

Why does piggy suggest that they let the signal forego out at night and relight it every morning? How does Ralph react?

In what ways did Ralph disappoint Piggy?

Piggy is Ralph's best ally but he does not stand up for Piggy.

How does Jack react when Piggy and Ralph enter his camp in Lord of the Flies chapter 9?

Ralph and Piggy develop personal-friend bonds, Ralph playfully teases Ralph while the other boys condescend him, Ralph is the only boy who defends Piggy however. Piggy stresses that Jack is against civility, which Ralph stands for, Piggy says that Jack holds no regard for Piggy, nor any concern for him.

What difference besides physical ones are apparent between Ralph and piggy?

Ralph is obviously the leader and Piggy is a followers, he likes to please Ralph. Ralph is also stronger and smarter, unlike Piggy. ..... Poor Piggy

How does Ralph hurt Piggy's feelings?

he keeps on saying piggy piggy and he lets jack and the other know his name and they teases him about it

Why do Ralph and piggy go to castle rock?

Ralph wants to get Piggy's specs back and Piggy wanted to kill Jack there and then.

Whose idea is it for Ralph and piggy to join jacks group?

Piggy & Ralph

What is the problem with piggy and ralphs plan?

Piggy and Ralph are both characters in Lord of the Flies. The problem with Piggy and Ralph's plane is that it goes down and there are no grown-ups around to care for them.

How do the boys react to Piggy in Goldings novel?

rudely, except for ralph, who sees piggy as a smart kid.