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"I think we ought to climb the mountain."

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Q: What does Simon suggest doing?
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What is Simon's behavioral model?

doing the opposite of what lewis says

Can you suggest any good time travel books?

Check out Timekeepers by Simon Lee.

What does Jack find Ralph and Simon doing when he returns from the hunts?

Jack finds Ralph and Simon building shelters when he returns from the hunts.

Is Ralph guilty of Simon death?

Ralph didn't directly kill Simon, but he didn't stop Jack from doing it.

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What does jack find Ralph and Simon doing when he returns the hunt?

he finds them bulding shelter

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Ralph complains that nobody is helping to build the shelters what does Simon suggest that Ralph do about it?

Simon suggests that Ralph should hold another meeting to tell the little-uns (little boys) Pg.51

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Why does Simon suggest going back to the mountain?

Simon suggested it because, in his own words, "What else is there to do?" Simon could not bring himself to believe in the existence of a winged creature with teeth and claws that was unable to catch Samneric. To Simon the whole story made no sense and the only sensible option was to go to the mountain and discover just exactly what it was that Samneric had really seen.