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Q: Who plays Kevin Doyle in 27 dresses?
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How old is Kevin Doyle?

Kevin Doyle is 27 years old (birthdate: September 18, 1983).

What is the song that plays in 27 dresses where her and Kevin aren't talking and she just ruined her sisters wedding?

The name of the song is "Be Here Now" by Ray LaMontagne

Who plays Jane in the movie 27 dresses?

Katherine Heigl

Which movie starred the actress who plays Izzie on Grey's Anatomy?

27 Dresses

Is there going to be 27 Dresses 2?

No. There will be no sequel to 27 Dresses.

Movie critique about the movie 27 dresses?

Go to Wikipedia and search 27 dresses

What is the song that plays when Tess and George meet in the club in the movie 27 dresses?

Cherry-colored funk by the Cocteau Twins

How much money did 27 Dresses gross worldwide?

27 Dresses grossed $160,247,805 worldwide.

When did Doyle Schick die?

Doyle Schick died on 2001-02-27.

How old is the boy that plays Kevin in homeolone?

he is acully 35 know and his birthday is may 27 2078

When is the film '27 Dresses' to be released?

27 Dresses will be released on DVD/VHS April 29, 2008.

How much money did 27 Dresses gross domestically?

27 Dresses grossed $76,808,654 in the domestic market.