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Katherine Heigl

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Q: Who plays Jane in the movie 27 dresses?
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Which movie starred the actress who plays Izzie on Grey's Anatomy?

27 Dresses

Who did the flowers for Jane's wedding in 27 dresses?

Since you liked the flowers for Jane's wedding in '27 dresses' then find a picture of the flowers and a florist can copy it.

Movie critique about the movie 27 dresses?

Go to Wikipedia and search 27 dresses

What is the song in the 1st bar scene in the movie 27 dresses Where Jane's sister meets Jane's Boss?

The song is "The Cow" by Gene Loves Jezebel.

What does Jane's fiance do for living in 27 Dresses?

He writes a wedding colum

What is the song that plays when Tess and George meet in the club in the movie 27 dresses?

Cherry-colored funk by the Cocteau Twins

What is the song played in 27 dresses when Jane was sad?

I haven't watched that movie for a while but if it's the scene I am thinking of it's "who knows" by Natasha Bedingfield

What song is playing in 27 Dresses when Jane waits up for her sister to come home?

It's called Like a Star by Corinne Bailey Rae. It's a great song!

Who plays Kevin Doyle in 27 dresses?

James Marsden

What movie is the song benny and the jets from?

27 dresses

When does 27 dresses come out?

The classic film '27 dresses' came out in 2008.

Does be here now play in 27 dresses?

Yep, the scene where Jane comes home to Tess's flowers from George.