Who did Kevin Jonas marry?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Kevin Jonas married model Danielle Deleasa (born September 27, 1987) on December 19, 2009.

The couple had a daughter, Alena Rose Jonas, on February 2, 2014.

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Danielle Deleasa.

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Q: Who did Kevin Jonas marry?
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Who is Kevin Jonas going to marry?

Kevin Jonas is going to marry his girlfriend!!!!

Who did Danielle Jonas marry?

Danielle Jonas married to Kevin Jonas in 2009

Who did Kevin Jonas marry to?

Danielle Deleasa

Did Kevin Jonas marry?

Yes, he is married.

Is it true that Kevin Jonas is getting married?

Yes it is true. Kevin Jonas is going to marry Danielle Deleasa. Joe Jonas and Nick Jonas will be the best men for Kevin's wedding.

Is Kevin Jonas already marry?

No, Kevin is not yet married. This is just a rumor.

Who does Kevin Jonas want to marry?

Hannah bramble

Is Kevin going to marry miley's sister?

Kevin who? Jonas? NO! he's married already

Who is going to marry Daniella when she grows up?

Kevin Jonas

Will you marry Kevin Jonas?

That's a weird question...1. "Marry" is spelled "m-a-r-r-y" not "m-a-r-r-i-e"2. Why would you ask "Would you marry Kevin Jonas?" What about Joe & Nick?3. If you're trying to be funny by seeing who wouldn't marry him, why? Kevin is one of the most talented guys, and you don't need to bring on the "Kevin Hate."4. "Will you marry Kevin Jonas" is not grammatically correct. Try "Would you marry Kevin Jonas.:) Hope that answered your question!P.S. I will defend one of my Jonas boys to the death.So there! :P

Who will Danielle marry?

Danielle Delesea married Kevin Jonas last year

Is one of the Jonas brother in gaged?

Yes, the oldest Jonas, Kevin is engaged to marry his longtime girlfriend Danielle.