Who killed Naruto?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Naruto did not die.

For goodness sakes he doesn't die.

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No One did there is a third seris

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Q: Who killed Naruto?
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Will Naruto get killed?

No, Naruto does not

Will Pein be killed by Naruto?

Yes, Pein does get killed by Naruto.

Does pein get killed by Naruto?

Yes pein get killed by naruto this computer wants you to vote madara look at your back

How does Naruto get killed?

Naruto doesn't die.

Who killed Naruto's brother?

Naruto doesnt have a brother

Did Naruto shippuden have a new story after Naruto kills madara?

Naruto has not killed Madara yet.

How is Naruto mother killed?

she died after naruto was born don't know how....

Does saskue kill Naruto?

No, he does not.

What killed Naruto?

he doesn't die

Who was the person who killed pain?


What episode does Naruto kill Sasuke?

He doesn't. >.<

Did Naruto father die?

Yes His dad is the 4th hokage was killed sealing it in naruto