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Yes, he was killed. After Kakashi killed some of his hearts, Naruto came along as back up, and killed the rest with a huge rasen-shuriken thing.

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Q: In naruto Does kakazu ever die?
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Which Naruto Shippuden episode is Naruto vs Kakazu?

Episode 87 and 88.

Did naruto fight kakazu or hidan?

He fought Kakuzu.

Who killed kakazu?

basically kakashi did but naruto just wounded him no. its a long story. kakazu has 5 hearts. kakashi kills 2 of his hearts, hidan acidentally kills one of kakazu's hearts, and naruto kills the other 2 at the same time. kakashi used his chidori to kill one of kakazu's hearts, and he somehow kills another one (from his chidori again?). then shikamaru--wait hold on let me talk about hidan. hidan likes his ememy's blood and he makes a circle with his own blood but it has his ememy's blood too. then hidan like stabs himself and whatever hidan feels, his ememy feels. so he likes stabs his heart to kill his ememy but somehow hidan doesnt die.--so shikamaru puts kakazu's blood on hidan's blade and he licks it. then hidan stabs himself. and instead of killing shikamaru, he kills kakazu. so now kakazu has 2 hearts. naruto uses his wind rasen shirekin (or whatever its called) to kill both of his hearts at the same time. but naruto cant use the jutsu anymore because it killed his arm and he wouldn't be able to mold chakura together. so now kakazu is comepletely dead. so kakashi, naruto, and hidan killed kakazu. but shikamaru but kakazu's blood on hidan's blade so he kind of killed kakazu too

Is naruto ever going to die?

he will never die

Is Kakashi still alive?

No, he has not died yet. It is not yet confirmed that he will not die. but anything is possible. I most certainly hope not, though. he is da bomb. really.he dies in the pain series but is brought back to life

Did Naruto ever die?

no he wont are you crazy???

What is the latest in Naruto Shippuden the video?

the latest episode is 89!! it is when kakashi and his team return from the village from defeating hidan and kakazu..

Does pein ever die?

Yes, naruto kills him

Does Naruto Uzumaki ever die in Naruto shipuden?

I do not know but I belive so ...It will not be the same without him.

Do Sakura Naruto Sasuke ever die in Naruto?

Naruto, Sakura and Sasuke haven't died yet in the anime Naruto.

Does Sasuke ever die on Naruto Shippuden?

No. Not according to what was revealed.

Does Naruto ever die in Naruto Shippuden?

They are still publishing the manga, and as far as I know, Naruto is alive in the latest chapter of the manga.