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He doesn't. >.<

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Naruto has not killed Sasuke yet.

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Q: What episode does Naruto kill Sasuke?
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What episode in Naruto that kabuto wants to kill Sasuke?

Kabuto try to kill sasuke in "Naruto episode 51."

Does Sasuke kill Naruto or does Naruto kill Sasuke?

For right now no one dies, but in episode the closest was in episode 260 when Sauske defeated Naruto but chose not to kill him.....

Does naruto kill Sasuke and what episode?

No he ddoesn't. Sasuke is still alive.

Did Naruto ever kill Sasuke?

last episode

What happen to Kakashi in naruto's last episode?

kakashi will die because he kill by sasuke and naruto kill sasuke then he become a hokege.just an imagination.

How does Sasuke kill Naruto?

Sasuke hasn't really killed Naruto yet. But i think he will the last episode.

What episode does the fake Naruto tring to kill sakra?

There isn't an episode where a fake Naruto tries to kill Sakura. Sasuke does try to kill Sakura but only because she tries to kill him first.

Why does Sasuke not kill Naruto?

because sasuke is naruto's friend and he will never kill him

What episode do Sasuke and Sakura kiss in Naruto Shipuden?

As of now, Sakura and Sasuke haven't kissed in Naruto Shippuden (with Sasuke out to kill everyone in Konoha... I doubt that's one of his priorities).

When will Sasuke kill his brother?

in episode 140 Naruto Shippuden but it have not came out in the u.s yet

What Naruto episode is episode 133?

naruto fight against sasuke

Does Sasuke kill pein?

No Sasuke does not kill Pein