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Kabuto try to kill sasuke in "Naruto episode 51."

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Q: What episode in Naruto that kabuto wants to kill Sasuke?
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What is the show called in Naruto shippuden when Sakura wants to join Sasuke?

This episode hasn't come out yet.

In which episode of Naruto that Sakura wants to kiss Sasuke?

158 i think i heard about it cause some1 told me

When does Naruto kill Sasuke?

Never- Naruto wants to save and bring back Sasuke

Who kills Sasuke?

i think naruto is going to kill sasuke. because sasuke now knows the truth that it was the elders(including Danzo) that drove his brother to his grave. He now wants REVENGE on Konoha. or sasuke might kill naruto if they fight.

Will naruto come back at the same episode that it left of with?

he comes back like he all new but he still wants to get back sasuke

Does Naruto and Sasuke like each other?

They have a rival relationship(like Sakura and Ino), and even though sasuke tries to go to Orochimaru, Naruto still goes and tries to stop him. And after Sasuke injures Naruto, he still wants to be Sasuke's friend. They have a rival relationship(like Sakura and Ino), and even though sasuke tries to go to Orochimaru, Naruto still goes and tries to stop him. And after Sasuke injures Naruto, he still wants to be Sasuke's friend.

Who does Sasuke like in naruto shippudun?

Sasuke does not really like anyone in Naruto Shippuden. All he wants is power to destroy his brother.

Why does naruto follow Sasuke?

Because he wants him to become good one again and naruto loves sasuke like a brother. -jason Sosa

In what episode does sasuke go back to leaf?

He doesn't come back. He gone crazy and now wants to destroy the village for some random reasons and joined the Akatsuki.

Why does Sasuke wants to battle naruto?

to kill him to get the mangekio sharingan like itachi

What episode does Naruto fight Sasuke?

This doesn't really count as a fight, but I just put it anyway. Naruto and Sasuke were fighting over who can eat faster. * Episode 107: The Battle Begins! Naruto Vs. Sasuke! In this episode, it views a normal day in the Leaf Village until 10 minutes before the end of the episode. Shikamaru becomes a Chuunin, Ino bakes pork chicken and Choji eats most of it and Ino gets mad. Then it shows Sakura sitting in the hospital with Sasuke cutting an apple for him while Sasuke's thinking how weak he is compared to Naruto now, then he starts to wonder why does Itachi want Naruto? Or how can Naruto beat Iao,who appeared in the last set of episodes. Suddenly, Naruto comes in and Sasuke starts to bust and says this is a good opportunity to fight Naruto. Sakura then starts to get worried when Naruto agrees. Then ,Sasuke leads Naruto to the top of the hospital roof and both Naruto and Sasuke are completely ignoring what Sakura is saying. Then Naruto and Sasuke start to argue about who's stronger than the other. Naruto tells Sasuke to put his headband on, but Sasuke tells him he can't get one scratch on it. Naruto tells him that's not the point. Sasuke races at Naruto punching him about 21 times. Naruto can take it though. Suddenly Sasuke uses the Fire Style: Fire Ball Jutsu in the air to kill Naruto,but Naruto disappears. Sasuke then tries to pinpoint his area,but Naruto isn't there,but behind him Naruto comes and punches him. Then he uses Shadow Clone Jutsu and Sasuke is stuck and trapped. Sasuke punches every clone using his Sharingan to see which Naruto's the real one. Then Sasuke does the Fire Style: Fireball Jutsu Hand signs in the sky when he sees Naruto preparing a Rasengan, so Sasuke decides to use Chidori instead then both fly into the sky at each other with Sakura worried. * Episode 108: Bitter Rivals and Broken Bonds (SPOILERS!) A little of the episode recap. Naruto and Sasuke are coming at each other with Naruto having his Rasengan and Sasuke having his Chidori. Sakura, scared of the outcome for this extreme clash, runs out to try and stop them without thinking. Naruto and Sasuke notice that they're about to hit her, but they can't stop. In just the nick of time, Kakashi appears and throws them away where they both hit two separate water tanks with their jutsu. Sakura is relieved, but still worried about what's going to happen. Naruto and Sasuke get up and move their hands away from where they hit. Sasuke, noting the little damage Naruto had on the other tank, smirks, believing Naruto wasn't as strong as he thought. Kakashi asks,"Sasuke,were you really planning to kill Naruto?", but Sasuke doesn't answer. Instead, he does a flip over the fence behind the tanks. Suddenly, when Sasuke looks on back of the tank Naruto had hit, he sees the entire back half had been blown out. This only frustrates Sasuke and causes him to question just how strong Naruto has become. * Episode 128: A Cry on Deaf Tears (SPOILERS!) After Gaara knocks out Kimimaru for Lee, meanwhile Naruto tries to negotiate with Sasuke to come back to the Leaf Village because on Episode 109; an Invitation from the Sound,Sasuke leaves the Leaf Village to seek more power and The Konoha Five: Shikamaru, Naruto, Choji, Neji, Kiba plus Akamaru come to bring Sasuke back. Sasuke isn't listening, so Naruto uses his Shadow Clone Jutsu on him. Both Naruto and Sasuke admit they considered each other as best friends. Then pretty much of the 3 next episodes, we get a story of Sasuke's past with shorter scenes of Naruto and Sasuke's fight in between.The suprising thing is that they're fighting at the Valley of the End,where the 1st or 2nd Hokage fought against Madara Uchiha! So it's basically Hokage Vs. The Last Uchiha. * Episode 132: For a Friend (SPOILERS!) Naruto and Sasuke fight it out even better than on Episode 107. Naruto punches Sasuke into the water and yells at him for not returning to the village and Sasuke tells Naruto that since he's Naruto's friend, he has to kill him. But Naruto doesn't understand. * Episode 133: A Plea from a Friend (SPOILERS! PLEASE DON'T READ THIS IF YOU WANT IT TO BE A SURPRISE BECAUSE THIS ONE'S REALLY GOOD!) Naruto continues to fight Sasuke with all he's got until he comes back to the village, but Sasuke still doesn't listen. So Naruto continues fight it out with Sasuke and his legendary Sharingan fully activates for the first time. Naruto then gets enraged and his body becomes covered in the Kyuubi's chakra in a form known as the Fox's Cloak or something like that with only one tail instead of nine. Though, the Kyuubi tells him he's a weak coward. Sasuke then starts to realize Itachi's reason for coming after Naruto instead of him stating Naruto is special. Naruto, then, starts their fight again with the Fox's cloak by racing to beat up Sasuke for his bad deeds. * Episode 134: The End of Tears (SPOILERS! PLEASE DON'T READ THIS IF YOU WANT IT TO BE A SURPRISE BECAUSE IT'S SO GOOD. IT MAY BE THE BEST ONE UNTIL SHIPPUDEN) One Tailed Naruto and Sasuke fight all they can while Kakashi racing to the scene to rescue the both of them, hoping he will make it in time to stop them from a serious all-out battle like the one they're already in. Sasuke then starts to talk to Naruto about the beginning of the Naruto series all the way to now (in the Naruto episode). Naruto prepares a Rasengan and Sasuke prepares a Chidori and they jump off their places on each cliff-side and match their attacks, both sides in full power. Afterwards, it shows Naruto and Sasuke at the edge of the river. Naruto is left unconscious and Sasuke seems barely able to stand. Sasuke's headband falls off with a large scratch through the Konoha symbol and it lands next to Naruto's head. He stares at Naruto weakly, perhaps pondering whether he really should kill Naruto as it starts to rain. Suddenly, pain from a previous attack causes Sasuke to fall to his knees and his eyes come directly over Naruto's closed eyes. He stares for awhile. Sasuke then leaves to Orochimaru without killing Naruto, deciding that he won't do things the way Itachi wants him to. * Then somewhere in Shippuden, they fight a few more times. If you want to know about those fights, then maybe someone else will answer that.

Does Sasuke ever battle or meet Madara?

WARNING SPOILER ALERT!!!Tobi is not Madara because later in the manga, when the great shinobi war started, Kabuto revived the real Madara so nobody knows now who Tobi really is. And Sasuke meets the masked man in episode 141.