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Yes Dr Laurie Kinkaid a Biology professor at University of Louisiana Monroe though she is probably retired

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Q: Who is rue McClanahan's sister?
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What does rue reprensent in The Hunger Games?

Rue represents Prim. Katniss's younger sister.

Why does rue have an effect on Katniss?

Rue's personality is so much like that of Katniss's younger sister Primrose or "Prim."

How did rue's death affect Katniss's toward the hunger games?

Katniss was depressed when Rue died. It made her think of her sister, Prim.

What did rue mean to Katniss?

Firstly, Rue gives her an idea to drop the Tracker Jacker (Deadly waspy things) nest on to the career tributes. Later, when Katniss is walking around she comes across Rue and they become allies.

Why does rue have an affect on Katniss?

Rue has an affect on Katniss in The Hunger Games because since Rue is only a young girl of 12, she reminds Katniss of her own sister, Prim.

Who is the tribute that can fly through trees in the hunger games?

The little girl, Rue, from Distrcit 11. Katniss became allies with Rue cause Rue's personality matches Katniss's sister and Rue helped Katniss without even knowing about it at first

What is the name of the little girl who dies in hunger games?

Primrose Everdeen, Katniss's little sister.

Why did Katniss team up with Rue?

rue reminds katniss of prim, and katniss can't seem to shake her anyways. rue has proved herself a survivor, since she's still alive this far into the games. rue saved katniss' life in pointing out the trackerjackers in the tree.

Why does Katniss have a fondness for rue?

she reminds her of prim, her little sister back home in district 12

Where in Paris did Vincent van Gogh live?

He shared Theo's Rue Laval apartment on Montmartre. In June, they took a larger flat further uphill, at 54 Rue Lepic.

What is the level of trust between Katniss and Rue?

Huge. Rue reminds Katniss of her younger sister in their personality, the way they interpret things, their not willing to take lives, and they way they stand like a bird about to take flight

Why did katnis and rue trust each other?

In the book The Hunger Games fast friends and allies Katniss and Rue had an unbreakable trust. Katniss trusted Rue because she helped her land the beehive on the Career Tributes. Also, Katniss knew that Rue could help her because she had the knowledge of plants, was nimble, and reminded her of her small sister Primrose.***Also, Rue saw Katniss' mockingjay pin. She said that right from the start, this was how she knew she could trust Katniss.