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I personally think that Billy Shears is an alias for Ringo. Remember, Paul created Sgt Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band as an alter ego for The Beatles, to try to get a different look on things. At the end of Sgt Pepper/beginning of With a Little Help from my Friends, they sing the name Billy Shears, and then Ringo starts to sing.

However, I also think that John could be Billy Shears. In Ringo's I Am The Greatest, he clearly says 'Yes my name is Billy Shears/You know it has been for so many years'. However, Ringo never wrote this song, John did.


It's Ringo Starr because John wrote the song but He had written this song for Ringo so he says 'Yes my name is Billy Shears'

Billy Shears was a figment of Pauls imagination. It was made up. But in late1967 Jack Goode put a band together called The Sgt Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band, and I became Billy Shears in that Band. And I have been ever since. 43yrs.

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Q: Who is billy shears?
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