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'The Stroke' by Billy Squier 'The Stroke' by Billy Squier

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Q: What is the song called at the end of Billy Madison?
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What is the name of the song at the end of billy Elliot?

There is a finale song at the end, but the last real song is The Letter (Reprise).

What song do they play at the end of speed?

The theme song for "Speed" is also called "Speed". It was written by Billy Idol and Steve Stevens. The song was performed by Billy Idol for the motion picture soundtrack.

What is the theme music at the end of the Billy Connolly Tour of Australia programme from Melbourne?

A track listing for Billy Connolly's Musical Tour of New Zealand, which is the soundtrack to the television series Billy Connolly's World Tour of New Zealand can be found at the link below. The actual song, listed on this soundtrack, is an old Maori love song, entitled Pokarekare Ana.

Who sings the song at the of Monsters Inc?

Mike and Sulley (performed by Billy Crystal and John Goodman) sing "If I Didn't Have You" at the end of Monsters, Inc.

What is the song playing when billy bob scores the final touchdown in varsity blues?

It's called "The End" Mark Isham....track 9 on the score for the film....which was never released.

What is the song from coraline called that plays during the end credits?

The song is actually called "End Credits"

What is the name of the Billy Joel song with the harmonica solo at the end?

leave a tender moment alone

Why do all concerts at Madison square garden in New York have to end with a beatles song?

Because Madison Square Garden requires that every concert end with a song written by a band that doesn't suck. So the Jonas Brothers are therefore not allowed to close with one of their own songs.

What is the hymn sung at the end of each Billy Graham crusade?

Just As I Am , which is a very popular invitation song.

What is the song at the end of dolphin tale?

The song at the end of dolphin tale is called Safe. It is by Westlife.

What is the song called that Vanessa Hudgens sings at the end of bandslam?

The song Vanessa Hudgens sings at the end of Bandslam is a song called "Everything I Own" It is originally by a band called "Bread." Its a great song! Hope I helped you out!

What is billy Madison about?

billy Madison is about a 20 year old idiot millionaire who repeats kinder garden through high school so he can win his fathers company and show he is not and idiot along the way he falls in love with his 3rd grade teacher voronica von billy ends up giving up the company to his fathers hard working assistaint and becomeing a teacher the end but he evetually gets so drunk that he drives himself off a cliff...the end