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The song is called Greasy Spoon by the Crusaders!

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Q: What song is playing at the end of the Cosby show Bookworm episode?
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What are the release dates for The Cosby Show - 1984 Bookworm 4-13?

The Cosby Show - 1984 Bookworm 4-13 was released on: USA: 7 January 1988

What episode does vanessa get drunk on the Cosby show?

It's the the episode called ""I'm 'In' With the 'In' Crowd" " in Season 6, Episode 3.Summary:Vanessa and her friends get drunk playing a drinking game. Guest appearance by Bill Cosby's real-life daughter Ensa Cosby, upon whom the character Vanessa is loosely based.

Did The Muppet's guest-starred on an episode of The Cosby Show?


The muppets guest-starred on an episode of the Cosby show?


Which Y R actor has also been on The Cosby Show?

Kristoff St. John (Neil) was on an early episode of The Cosby Show. He also appeared on an episode of its spinoff A Different World (several years later).

Is there a Cosby Show episode with B.B. King and what song is sung?

The song is called "How Blue Can You Get."

How much does the cast of the Cosby show make per episode?

100 000 dollars

What is the name of the guy who sang on the For Men Only episode of The Cosby Show?

His name is Maurice Lauchner

In the Cosby Show episode Olivia's 4th Birthday who was the kid that sang Eye of the Tiger?

Jonathan Halyalkar

Who are Kyle and Dana Bryant that played on Cosby show?

Nothing as far as acting apparently. They appeared on The Cosby Show once & have done nothing since.

What episode of the Cosby show does cliff and theo go car shopping?

"Say Hello to a Good Buy" (1987), season 3-episode 15.

Which episode featured the family lip syncing a song with Rudy being the lead singer?

Bill Cosby Show #________