Who is Voldemorts dad?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Tom Riddle Sr. he was a muggle.

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Q: Who is Voldemorts dad?
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Who is lord Voldemorts dad?

Tom Riddle Senior ( muggle)

In Deathly Hollows Does Harry Potters Dad Come Back In Voldemorts body and Is Dumbledore The Real villain?

no i don't know were you got all this from but no James potter (harry potter's dad) does not come out of voldemorts body and no Dumbledore is not the real villain. James, Lily, Sirius and Lupin do appear as ghost for a very short time. Dumbledore is not a villain, but he did bad thing when he was young, which he deeply regret. And of course he is the greatest manipulator ever.

Who are Voldemorts sidekicks?

his Death Eaters

What are the horcurxes?

Horcurxes are a part of Voldemorts soul

Which Professor was Voldemorts soul inside?

Quirinus Quirrell

Who captured Hermione Granger?

one of voldemorts snatchers..

What is lord Voldemorts drink of choice?

champagne showers

What were Voldemorts greatest achievements?

coming back from the almost-dead

What does dumbledore use to show harry lord Voldemorts past?

The Penseive

Which noble collection wand should I get Snapes or Voldemorts?

Definitely get snapes!

What do you call the link between harry and Voldemorts wand?

Priori Incantatem

What is Voldemorts laugh?