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The actresses name is Evan Rachel Wood

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Q: Who is Lucy in the movie across the universe?
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Was Yoko Ono in the movie Across the Universe?

No, Yoko did not appear on the song or in the movie.

Who plays Max in the movie Across the Universe?

Joe Anderson

Where can you get a copy of the movie Across the Universe?

It's for sale on the Amazon website.

Is Across the Universe a good movie?


What was the name of the movie featuring many of the beatles' songs but was made in the 21st century?

Across The Universe

Where can art from the movie across the universe be found?

Are you talking about like props they used in the movie or art that was in it? Either way Amazon or Ebay.

What is across the universe rated?

The film Across The Universe is rated PG-13

When was Across the Universe created?

Across the Universe was created on 1969-12-12.

Who is a Director of movie Lucy?

The director of the movie Lucy is Luc Besson. The movie was out in theaters in 2014.

What is the duration of Across the Universe film?

The duration of Across the Universe - film - is 2.22 hours.

When was Across the Universe - film - created?

Across the Universe - film - was created on 2007-10-12.

How much money did Across the Universe gross domestically?

Across the Universe grossed $24,343,673 in the domestic market.