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that's not even the name of the song. The song is called ACROSS THE UNIVERSE and so is the movie.

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Q: What film was the beatles song nothing's going to change my world used in?
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What were the historical events during the beatles song revolution?

The counter-culture revolution of the late 1960's had just kicked into full gear. The song was Lennon's response to such attitudes - mainly that they weren't going to change the world, and that those who supported the movement actually had the same self-centered drawbacks of those they opposed.

Who is better queen or The Beatles?

its a matter of tasts, both bands are great, one isn't better than the other, I guess the Beatles were the first to do so many things, there influence is probably greater than queens.The Beatles r the Best band in the world. they were definitely most loved by the world.

How long did it take to record the Beatles 1st album?

Their first recording as the Beatles was in 1961, as Tony Sheridan's backing band for Germany's Polydor Records. Prior to that, they had made some home tapes with a borrowed recorder, and done one session at a home studio in Liverpool, where they covered Buddy Holly's "That'll Be The Day". (Some of these later appeared on The Beatles Anthology.)

Why were the Beatles and rolling stones famous?

During the 50's and the very early 60's, everyone was following the same sort of way of life in Great Britain. It had all been based around artists like Little Richard and Elvis Presley, but when artists like the Beatles came along with their completely different way of dressing and their very radical haircuts (not to mention their music which was very much like their haircuts), people just started buying their records by the millions. The reason for this was because the Beatles were different and the people wanted change, so one-by-one all the Elvis fans became Beatles fans and so on. Before anyone could grasp what was going on, the whole country was listening to them (And there is a similar story to the Rolling Stones as well). And that is why they had such a huge impact on the world. They were extremely popular, for lack of a better explanation. The fervor over The Beatles was unlike any band since them. Why were they popular? They made good music. The individual members of the band had interesting personalities which made them icons, and the songwriting ability of The Beatles is immense. The Rolling Stones were sort of the badass alternative to The Beatles (where most of The Beatles' earlier songs were pop songs, The Stones were considered hard rock at the time). Both bands spoke to a generation that was extremely pissed off at authority due to the war in Vietnam, civil rights, etc. And finally, both bands appealed to the drug culture that was increasingly prevalent in the 60's.

What is the most covered song of all time?

The song "Yesterday" written by Paul McCartney originally performed by The Beatles is the most covered song according to Guiness Book Of World Records.

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What are the ratings and certificates for Nothings Going to Change My World - 1973?

Nothings Going to Change My World - 1973 is rated/received certificates of: UK:15

Is there going to be end of the world?

Maybe, but not in 2012. NASA did reseach and nothings gonna happen then. Don't worry bout it

According to The Beatles what do you all want to do?

We all want to love and be loved. Change the world

How did Paul McCartney change the world or How did he Change a life or impact the world what is it about him that made him what he is today?

He was a major player in the Beatles, probably the most talented member. The group's impact on society is well documented, and Paul's work after the Beatles stands as a testimony to his talent.

What is the best rock ban in the world?

Going by record sales and concert attendance most would say the Beatles

Did the beatles perform abroad?

the Beatles performed all over the world.

Why did the beatles change the world?

They evolved music by using different types of music and instruments in their songs which inspired many bands and artists after them.

Is guitar hero going to make an new game after world tour?

yes, metallica and the beatles guiatar hero. metallica is coming our in JUne.

What were popular activities during World War 2 in Canada?

Seal hunting. Nothings changed

What year did the Beatles tour Australia as part of world tour?

The Beatles toured Australia as part of their 1964 world tour.

When was No One's going to Change Our World created?

No One's Gonna Change Our World was created on 1969-12-12.

Who is more famous The Beatles or Johnny Depp?

As famous as Johnny Depp is, The Beatles are more famous World Wide. There is not a single band after the Beatles that doesn't site the Beatles as an influence.