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B.F. Skinner is a scientist. and a skinner box is a plexiglass box where scientists put lab rats in to do research on them.

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Q: Who is BF Skinner and what is a skinner box?
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Reflect learning views BF Skinner scholars?

what is reflective views BF Skinner scholars

What were some of BF Skinners major accomplishments and experiments?

Skinner Box and Behavior Modification

What does the BF stand for in BF skinner's name?

Burrhus frederic

Who were BF Skinner's children?

john and elizabeth.

How many books has BF skinner written?

B. F. Skinner published 21 books and 180 articles.

How did BF Skinner explain language development in terms of operant conditioning?

B.F. Skinner used what was called the "Skinner box". He explained that this was a good way to improve development. I don't remember reading specifically about "language development, But what i do remember was that Skinner used the "Skinner box" to condition rats. For instance he would often include a reward or a consequence(more often a reward). He would put in a lever and whenever the rat presses it, it was rewarded with a pellet. - Azad Prestek

Who is credited with introducing the term operant conditioning?

Skinner. He was the one behind the rat and levers "Skinner's box" experiment.

What is another name for Operant Conditioning?

Operant Conditioning is also called Skinner after B.F. Skinner who created the Skinner Box.

Who is father of behavioral psychology?

It's likely BF Skinner

What was BF Skinner's operant conditioning chamber also known as?

The invention was also known as the Skinner Box, originally developed to do experiments and test animal behavior by teaching said animal to perform a task in response to stimuli, such as a light or sound.

What does a skinner box have do to with mmorpg?

In short, mmorpgs are an example of a Skinner Box in action. The player gets rewards from completing quests or growing crops, and get punished for not playing too often (your plants die, for example). It's worth noting that as far as Skinner is concerned everything humans or animals interact with in the environment is represented by the 'Skinner box'.

What are BF Skinner's accomplishments?

BF skinner is afamous psycologist who worked with mice and a stimulus...he used food pellets to reward the rat or electrocuted the rat when it did not pull the lever...after time the rat was able to be trained to pull the lever automatically when put in the cage