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Principal Skinner is not a teacher, he is the principal at Bart and Lisa Simpson's elementary school.

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Q: What class did principal skinner teach?
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When was Principal Skinner created?

Principal Skinner was created in 1989.

Why is your teach mrs Patterson?

because your weird principal assigned you that class

What do you do if your math teacher can't teach?

Go to the principal and ask to switch your class.

What principal is not part of the constitution?


What is the difference between principals assistant principals?

a principal has more power than a teacher does but is not allowed to teach an entire class. A teacher is allowed to teach an entire class but does not have as much power.

Why is princible skinner on the simpsons called skinner?

Principal Skinner is not his real name, Skinner is the guys war commander, but when he died, he went in place for him

Who is principal skinner afraid of?

Superintendant chahlmers

Who does Principal Skinner live with?

His mother Agnes.

Who is Principal Skinner's mother?

Her name is Agnes.

What is principal skinners name?

Seymour Skinner, lol

Who voices Mr Burns Ned Flanders and Principal Skinner?

Harry Shearer

What is frank skinners real name?

Principal Seymore Skinner