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A skinner is a driver of a team of mules

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Q: What does a skinner do on a ranch?
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What does a skinner on a ranch do?

A skinner is a driver of a team of mules

What is the skinners job in of mice and men?

In "Of Mice and Men", Slim is described as the skinner. As the skinner, Slim is responsible for skinning the animals that are killed on the ranch. He is known for his skill and expertise in this task.

What is slim's job in the ranch in 'Of Mice and Men'?

Slim works as a skilled mule driver on the ranch in 'Of Mice and Men'. He is well-respected by the other ranch workers for his expertise with the mules and his calm demeanor. Additionally, Slim is also seen as a voice of reason and wisdom among the men on the ranch.

What is slims job in Of Mice and Men?

In "Of Mice and Men," Slim is the skilled and respected mule driver at the ranch where George and Lennie work. He is seen as a wise and compassionate leader among the ranch workers, and George greatly respects him. Slim plays a significant role in the novella as a moral authority and a foil to the other characters.

What does crooks say about slim?

Crooks admires Slim for his leadership and respect among the ranch workers. He describes Slim as a fair-minded and highly skilled worker, someone whose opinion is valued and trusted by everyone on the ranch.

What is Jeff Skinner's full name?

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Why is princible skinner on the simpsons called skinner?

Principal Skinner is not his real name, Skinner is the guys war commander, but when he died, he went in place for him

Who is BF Skinner and what is a skinner box?

B.F. Skinner is a scientist. and a skinner box is a plexiglass box where scientists put lab rats in to do research on them.

Who is slim mice and men?

Slim is a character in John Steinbeck's novel "Of Mice and Men." He is described as a tall, skilled ranch hand who is well-respected by his peers for his wisdom and level-headedness. Slim plays a significant role in the novel, offering guidance and understanding to the other characters.

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What is the birth name of Phyl Skinner?

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