Who is Alexander volturi?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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I think she's one of the wives that, in Breaking Dawn, that go to the Cullens at the end battle.

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Q: Who is Alexander volturi?
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Why does Jane leave the volturi?

she does otn leave the Volturi.

Where does volturi live?

the Volturi live in Volterra, Italy

Is vladimer a volturi?

vladmir is not part of the volturi, he is a vampire whose city was destroyed by the volturi centurys ago in the book

Which Cullen was a volturi?

Carlisle Cullen stayed with the Volturi for a while.

Who are the leaders of the Volturi?

Marcus, Caius and Aro everyone else considered part of the Volturi- besides the wives- are part of the Volturi Guard.

Does the volturi die in Breaking Dawn?

No the volturi do not die in breaking dawn

Is Aro a volturi in Twilight New Moon?

yes he is the head of the volturi.

Who is demetris?

Demetri is one of the permanent Volturi Guard members from the Volturi.

When in breaking dawn did the Volturi get an invitation to Bella's and Edwards wedding?

The volturi do not get an invite to their wedding however one of Edwards cousins goes to the volturi and tells them they have had a baby and the volturi want this baby -hope this helped

Is there a Volturi family in real life?

No, there is not a Volturi family in real life. The Volturi family was made up by Stephanie Meyer for her Twilight series.

How do the Volturi plan to kill Edward Cullen in New Moon?

The volturi plan to make him into a volturi because of his power to read minds - they want talented vampires.

Who ruled the world before the Volturi?

humans did cause the volturi had not became vampires yet