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Volterra, Italy.. which is in Rome by the way :D as you can tell.. i am a giantt Volturi fan xD

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Q: Where Edward Cullen goes to meet the Volturi?
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Who are the people who play renessme Cullen?

Renessme Cullen is the biological child of Bella and Edward. She is unusual because Bella was pregnate during her human years. That makes her half vampire and half human. She has a heart and blood but yet she perfers to drink blood. She flipped Edward's powers because he could read peoples minds and people could read her's. If you did not meet Renessme yet, you will meet her at the end of the Jacob part or the 2nd Bella part of Breaking Dawn. Sadly enough, the werewolf joacb black imprints on her, when he is trying to kill her. renessme has light brown curly hair and brown eyes.she has warm pale white skin.

Will the volutri leave the Cullens alone in breaking dawn?

Yes, the Volturi leave the Cullens and the werewolves alone in Breaking Dawn right after the almost-fight. Irina(one of the sisters living in Denali) sees Renesmee with Bella and Jacob and thinks that she is with an immortal child which killed her mother. So Irina goes to the Volturi and tells then what she seen with the Cullens.Alice sees the Volturi coming and she leaves the Cullens without an explanation, only telling them to get all of the wittnesses they can possibly get, to show through their mind that Renesmee is not immortal. When the Volturi finally meet with the Cullens nearly a month later, they see in the wittnesses minds that Renesmee is not immortal, and Alice comes back with a half-vampire, half-human child back to show the Volturi that she will stop growning in about 10-18 years of life. After the almost-fight meant to eliminate the Cullens and the wrewolves who had also came to wittness, they decide to leave in peace-for now...

When Bella went to meet edward's family in twilight what was she wearing?

A dark blue v-neck top and a karki skirt

In Pretty Woman on what street is Vivian working when Edward picks her up?

Hollywood Boulevard in beautiful downtown Los Angeles. She worked a certain section of the Hollywood walk of fame.

Why does Katniss go to the woods?

Katniss goes in the woods to hunt for food and meet up with her friend Gale.

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Did Edward and Jacob meet in Eclipse?

Yes, Edward Cullen and Jacob Black did meet in Eclipse.

Bella i wish i was you because i love edward iwant to meet edward cani meet any way.?

Do you mean Robert Pattison or Edward Cullen? Edward Cullen is real but not what you think he is Im sorry to say...

Can you meet Edward Cullen?

No. He is a fake character from a book

How do you get Edward Cullen out of your head?

Meet somebody real.

What city did Bella and Edward Cullen meet?

Edward and Bella met in Forks, Washington

What class did Bella Swan and Edward Cullen meet in?


What date did Edward Cullen meet Bella?

19th Jan

Does Edward Cullen meet Fred?

Edward Cullen does not meet Fred Weasley as they are characters from different fictional universes. Edward Cullen is from the "Twilight" series by Stephenie Meyer, while Fred Weasley is from the "Harry Potter" series by J.K. Rowling.

What day did Bella Swan meet Edward Cullen?

January18, 2005

In twilight who do you meet in the baseball field?

You meet all the Cullens when Edward brings Bella to his house, but at the game, the Cullen's meet Laurent, James and Victoria.

In twilight who came rushing down the stairs to meet Bella?

In "Twilight," it was Edward Cullen who came rushing down the stairs to meet Bella when she arrived at the Cullen house for the first time.

How do you meet Edward Cullen?

you go to Forks High Can't you be a trouble magnet? Or wait for a van to ''almost'' crush you!