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The shots of the town were in Italy, but the scenes with the Volturi were shot in Portland, Wa.

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Q: Where was the volturi scene in twilight filmed?
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Where was the forest scene in Twilight filmed?

The forest scene was filmed at a camp called Camp Collins.

Where was twilight new moon filmed?

The Twilight Saga: New Moon was filmed in two main locations. The first was in Vancouver, where they filmed most of the movie. The second place was in Montepulciano, Italy for the Volturi.

Where was port angeles scene in twilight filmed?

It was Filmed in Oregon. But not actually filmed in port angeles..i should know i live in pa.

In what city do the volturi live twilight?

In Twilight, the Volturi live in Volterra in Italy. Volterra is a real place

Is Aro a volturi in Twilight New Moon?

yes he is the head of the volturi.

Where was the meadow in twilight filmed?

the meadow scene was filmed in Carver Park,Portland,Oregon-It lies approximately 45 minutes southeast of Portland.

Who will play Jane from the Volturi in Twilight?

It is said that Dakota Fanning will be playing Jane from the Volturi in New moon (the sequel to Twilight).

Who is the bad guy in The Twilight Saga?

in Twilight it's James. in New moon its mainly Victoroa but there is a little scene with laurant. in eclipse its Victoria. In breaking dawn the Volturi. Hope this helps!

Is the Volturi only in Twilight?

Yes. The Volturi only exist in The Twilight Saga. The Volturi city however, Volterra, which resides in Italy, does exist and is most likely the Author's basis for their name.

What is the name of the Parliament for vampires in twilight?

The Volturi

What is the name of the evil organization in twilight?

The Volturi

In the twilight the Volturi live in what country?


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