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It was filmed using a green screen in a outdoor swimming pool. The swimming pool is on the west coast in Vancouver, Canada

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Did Bella kill a Volturi

Bella first heard about the huge animals in the woods while she was

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Q: Where was the cliff diving scene in The Twilight Saga filmed?
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Where was the forest scene in Twilight filmed?

The forest scene was filmed at a camp called Camp Collins.

What are some unique facts about the film twilight?

well one about new moon is that in the cliff diving scene they used a computerized Bella and it was shot in a pool with a green screen :) I love twilight!

Where was the cliff-jumping scene filmed in the movie new moon?

yes. In the movie they filmed Bella and Jacob seeing the guys jumping off the cliff and they filmed Bella jumping off the cliff.

Where was port angeles scene in twilight filmed?

It was Filmed in Oregon. But not actually filmed in port angeles..i should know i live in pa.

Where was the meadow in twilight filmed?

the meadow scene was filmed in Carver Park,Portland,Oregon-It lies approximately 45 minutes southeast of Portland.

Where was the volturi scene in twilight filmed?

The shots of the town were in Italy, but the scenes with the Volturi were shot in Portland, Wa.

Where is kalama?

its a small little town on the coast of the colombian river. also a scene from twilight was filmed there. Kalama, Washington

Where was the scene in Deathly hallows part 1 filmed where Harry is standing on a large cliff?

The location will be at Shell Cottage, home of Bill Weasley.

How do you play twilight scene it?

I don't have the scene it to tell you how to play the game scene it for Twilight

Was the ballet studio scene from Twilight filmed in Phoenix or cali?

It was in Phoenix. In the book it said that Bella could walk there and she was in Phoenix so it was in Phoenix. Hope this helps!

Where can the Twilight baseball scene be viewed?

There are many places where the Twilight baseball scene can be viewed. One can view the Twilight baseball scene at popular on the web sources such as YouTube or Vimeo.

What is the main scene in twilight?

baseball and fight scene

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