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Bella first heard about the huge animals in the woods while she was

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Q: What is the name of the most powerful family of Vampires in the Twilight Book Series?
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What is the name of the most powerful family of Vampires in Italy in the Twilight book Series?


What do vampires have to do with the Cullen family?

If you are talking about the Twilight series, the Cullens are a vampire family.

What is the family of vampires called in twilight?

The Cullens :-)

What is the relationship between vampires and humans in twilight?

The Cullens are a family of 'vegetarian vampires', which means they don't drink human blood; only animal blood.Other than that, most vampires in the Twilight series drink the blod of mortal humans, and consider tham a snack.

Can vampires be vegetarian?

Vampires in general? Because in the Twilight Series Edward Cullen and his family are vegetarian vampires, meaning they drink animal instead of human blood and as a result of that, they have a an ability to form stronger bonds with one another.

Are the romanian coven the most powerful between covens?

yes the Romanian coven are the most powerful because they were in the past and before the vulturi coven so yes Romania is the most powerful country in the vampire world i will give some vampires family like aldery rusu and aldery and also barn family also the most powerful vampires family is moroi family and they have many of abilities from different vampires and worlds

Are there vampires that drink only animal blood?

There are vampires that only drink animal blood and that the Cullen family from Stefenie Meyer's Twilight Saga.(The Cullen family and the denalis)

Who is the vegetarian in the 'Twilight Series'?

The Cullen family (Edward's family) and Tanya's family the Denali.

How many vampires are there in Twilight?

In the first book there are ten vampires (in the beginning. In the end there are 9). But the rest of the series introduces many more to the storyline (more covens, nomads, and the "royal" vampire family). It also includes werewolves in the second book, New Moon.

What is the style of 'Twilight'?

The book is a mystery really as it is about vampires and werewolfs and no one knows there secret but their family and bella!

What lesson did you learn from the movie 'Twilight'?

am for me ....i learn that not all vampires are bad, like Edward Cullen and his family... ...

Where are vampires located know?

It hasn't been proven vampires are real. I believe in them. But if you are referring to Twilight the Olympic Coven a.k.a. Edward's Family they live in Washington.

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