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Heidi is a vampire. I believe she is apart of the Volturi Coven.

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Q: Is Heidi a wolve in twilight or a vampire?
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I would rather be a werewolf. There are more perks (run away health for one). To be a vampire you have to die - which is discouraging.

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Edward Cullen is the cutest vampire in Twilight.

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What colour where heidi's contact lenses twilight?

heidi's eye colors are Red/Black

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sadly,no but they may make a side one like about the wolve or something

What was all the girl vampire named in twilight?

Well, at what time do you want? In the first three books, it was Esme, Rosalie, and Alice Cullen who were the vampire women. In the fourth book, Bella Swan (now Bella Cullen) becomes a vampire. Those were the main characters, hope I helped :)

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The Vampire Diaries Are Completely Better Than Twilight =]

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Well he had to be he IS a vampire

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a vampire