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Marcus, Caius and Aro everyone else considered part of the Volturi- besides the wives- are part of the Volturi Guard.

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Q: Who are the leaders of the Volturi?
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In the movie new moon who are they 3 leaders of voltrui?

The names of the leaders of the Volturi are : Aro, Marcus, and Caius. There is also the Volturi gaurd, but they don't count this as the coven.

Who is in the voulturi?

The Volturi is a powerful and influential coven of vampires in the Twilight series. Its core members include Aro, Caius, and Marcus, who serve as its leaders. They are supported by gifted vampires like Jane, Alec, and others who enforce their laws and maintain order in the vampire world.

Who is the voultry clan and how big is the part in new moon?

The Volturi coven is the largest coven of vampires in the world, they live in Volturi City (Italy). The leaders of the Volturi coven are 3 men, all with special gifts. They are over 3000 years old and hold themselves responsible for the keeping up of the vampire rules.

Who are the voultrie?

There is no specific group known as the "voultrie." It is possible that there may be a misspelling or a reference to something not widely recognized. If you can provide more context or details, I may be able to assist further.

Who is the head vampire in the volturi?

Aro is the head vampire in the Volturi coven. He is one of the three leaders along with Caius and Marcus. Aro possesses the ability to read thoughts by touching someone, which makes him a formidable leader.

If the Volturi leaders aren't brothers then how come in the book they are considered brothers?

Because they are the three most oldest vampires in the group Aro,Cauis, and Marcus

Why does Jane leave the volturi?

she does otn leave the Volturi.

Where does volturi live?

the Volturi live in Volterra, Italy

Is vladimer a volturi?

vladmir is not part of the volturi, he is a vampire whose city was destroyed by the volturi centurys ago in the book

Which Cullen was a volturi?

Carlisle Cullen stayed with the Volturi for a while.

Who is Jamie Campbell Bower in twilight?

Jamie Campbell Bower played the role of Caius in the Twilight film series. Caius is one of the Volturi leaders and a prominent character in the series.

Who is demetris?

Demetri is one of the permanent Volturi Guard members from the Volturi.