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because their feet is a weak spot.if u couldn't tickle people,when u try to tickle them it would hurt.

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Cause it is very sensitive there.

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Q: When you are about to tickle some one why is their feet an option?
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Is Tails ticklish?

Yes, he is! In fact its one of his greatest weaknesses. In issue 58 of the Archie Sonic comic series, Tails was being tickle tortured on his feet and he was begging for "anything but that!"

What is harry styles most ticklish spot?

Harry's most ticklish spot is his stomach and his on his neck right under his chin. He's ticklish everywhere but mostly here

How do you get more ticklish?

firstly it's very hard to actually tickle yourself I know this from experience and talking to other people about it but I can't really shed any light on why! -so you will have to find someone else willing to tickle you. -this someone should be someone close to you because tickling random people is frowned upon. once you've got your 'tickle buddy', sit on the sofa and watch a movie or something and just leap at them and tickle them, chances are they'll tickle back and hey presto you've done it! (just as a rule of thumb though, it's not a very masculine thing to do with your mates so if you can help it find a girl to tickle with, unless you are a girl in which case you have the power to tickle anyone!)

Does Joe Jonas tickle his brothers?

I'm not sure, but they are ticklish ;-Dwell I don't know the Jonas brothers, but they are brothers so they probly tickle each other, brothers tickle each other alot, or fun or just to make each other mad or annoyed, and there brothers so im sure they tickle each other, prbly nick most of the time cuz hes the youngestFirst answer by ID165Does_nick_jonas_tickle_his_brothers_at_allDiscuss:Does_nick_jonas_tickle_his_brothers_at_allDoes_nick_jonas_tickle_his_brothers_at_all8658780. Last edit by User:Pughug12. Contributor 0 [User:Pughug12]. Question 1 [Does_nick_jonas_tickle_his_brothers_at_all]

Does Selena Gomez have stinky feet?

well since he is a man my answer is yes i have never met any guy that's feet didn't stink

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Will Taylor Swift tickle anyone's feet?

She will most likely tickle the feet of her child when she has one.Not anyone's, that would be a bit abnormal.She will probably tickle the feet of her child when she has one.

Can you tickle yourself?

Depends where your most ticklish. If it's your feet, go right ahead, you usually can for some reason.If it's your stomach, get a few pillows, place them on a floor, and lay your lower back (I'd say about waist) on them. Go ahead and begin tickling, you should get a tickling sensation because the skin is tighter.There's no practical way to tickle yourself, but the second one works usually.

Does your girlfriend likes it when you tickle her feet?

You can't really know. If you're going to try "tickle torture" then you may want to ask her whether she likes it or not but if you want to take her by surprise then ask her one week but then preform your torture the next week. For details on tickle torture than look up (on this website)"How can you tickle torture you girlfriend?"

Where can one buy stocks used to tickle girls' feet?

anywhere buy socks and then put ants in them

What are some fun pranks to do?

you can do the feather one tickle their nose but first put shaving cream or musturd then tickle thier nose

Why does it feel funny when you tickle someones palm?

When you tickle some one in the palm your palm bone gets a signal to your brain that you wanna giggle

When a boy tries to touch your feet?

If a guy is trying to touch your feet he either really likes you (enough to try and tickle you or rub your feet or whatever) or hes got a foot fetish, lets pray its the first one...

Is being attracted to male feet normal?

Being attracted to male feet is caused by something called a Foot Fetish. It is a sexual desire to lick, smell, tickle, touch, or look at feet. Not everybody has one, though. I have one, and that's all that it is. People are born with it, and it is a natural thing.

Is there any pic of Emily osment foot?

Why does it matter? Youre not gonna get the chance to tickle her feet.

Is Tails ticklish?

Yes, he is! In fact its one of his greatest weaknesses. In issue 58 of the Archie Sonic comic series, Tails was being tickle tortured on his feet and he was begging for "anything but that!"

How do you get a girl to let you tickle her feet?

Tickling one's feet often make them laugh because this is a nervous reaction. Tickling these areas gives out pleasure and excitement and creates a light state of the mind, and laughing results.

Was tickle torture really used in medieval times?

Yes, typically in China (sometimes referred to as 'Chinese tickle torture') during the Han Dynasty. There were different methods, one being to dip the victims feet in a salt bath and have a goat lick off the substance (this started as mere tickling but would eventually become very painful and abrasive). Tickling was used a lot on nobles and in non-serious cases of torture or bullying, as it leaves no marks or real physical damage.