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i would tickle your feet forever until you got tired of it if i knew you and then i would tickle you slowly.......LOL psych!

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Q: Does your girlfriend likes it when you tickle her feet?
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Will Taylor swift let you tickle her feet?

Yes but she likes it better when southern men from georgia tickle her feet

Does brigit mendler like her feet tickled?

The answer is yes I've seen it written down somewhere that brigit mendler likes to be tickled and she likes her pretty feet and toes tickled I'd tickle her feet if she wants me to and lets me then I'll be fair about this and let her tickle me back in my ticklish spots like my feet sides ribs belly stomach underarms and the back of my neck and yes I'd love to be tickled by that blonde beauty

Are heidi klum's feet ticklish?

yes very

Will Taylor Swift tickle anyone's feet?

She will most likely tickle the feet of her child when she has one.Not anyone's, that would be a bit abnormal.She will probably tickle the feet of her child when she has one.

Is there a Pokemon tickle game where you can tickle the Pokemon girls feet?


When a boy tries to touch your feet?

If a guy is trying to touch your feet he either really likes you (enough to try and tickle you or rub your feet or whatever) or hes got a foot fetish, lets pray its the first one...

Why shouldn't you tickle babies feet?

well if you tickle babies feet it might mess up there balence in the long run my step mom always tould me

Does Taylor Swift like to tickle people?

Yes I believe she does but she don't like to be tickled but she likes when southern men from georgia tickle her feet and when anna the beautiful carribean woman tickled her feet I'd love to meet her and give her a foot massage and tickle her feet if she lets me then it's only fair that I'd let taylor swift tickle me back I'd love to be tickled by that blonde beauty I'd be very happy if taylor swift used her pretty fingers and toes to tickle my ticklish areas like my sides underarms and the bottoms of my feet that would really turn me on and be a dream come true

How do you tickle someone's feet?

With a feather

Where do you tickle your sister?

feet or armpits

When you are about to tickle some one why is their feet an option?

because their feet is a weak spot.if u couldn't tickle people,when u try to tickle them it would hurt.

How do you get rid of the craving to tickle feet?

the way to get rid of it is to tickle someone feet now and again and then the craving will soon die down