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Around July of 2007, Kristen Stewart was cast as Bella in September 2007

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If I'm not wrong, I heard it ended in the end of May 2008.

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The dumpster.

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Q: When was production of the twilight movie announced?
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What is the scheduled release date for 'Maximum Ride' the movie?

There is currently no official release date announced for the 'Maximum Ride' movie. Production on the film was announced in 2016, but there have been delays in its development. Keep an eye out for updates from the film's production team for any news on a release date.

When will the Flawed Dogs movie come out?

The release date for the Flawed Dog movie has yet to be announced. It appears it is still in production.

When are the auditions for Oskan in the movie the cry of the icemark?

The movie is still in the early stages of production. No auditions have been announced as of yet.

When is twilight the movie going to come out?

the Twilight Movie, was originally coming out on December 12, 2008. However, a few weeks ago they announced that they were bumping Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince movie to early 2009. So now the Twilight film is coming out November 21, 2008. Come watch it!

Is it true that Leonardo DiCaprios production company making a new Twilight Zone movie?

no , this is not true ;)

What is the status of the movie Christian the Lion?

In 2008, it was announced that Sony Pictures was acquiring the rights to make a Christian the Lion movie. Since then, nothing much has been announced concerning its production. It isn't even known if it is cancelled.

How long till they make a new twilight?

There are currently no plans for a new Twilight movie or book series. The last Twilight movie was released in 2012, and the author Stephenie Meyer has not announced any new additions to the series.

When will the movie Magyk be released?

There is currently no official release date announced for the movie adaptation of "Magyk." Production schedules can vary, but you can stay updated on news related to the movie by following official announcements from the studio or production team.

When will they begin production on the movie new moon the twilight sequel?

well they are starting writting the script as i speak type

Why did they move the date for the twilight movie?

The movie was originally slated to be released on December 12th, 2008. When it was announced that Harry Potter and the Half Blood prince was going to be released in July 2009 instead of November 21, 2008, those behind Twilight decided to take advantage of this opening and bumped the movie up.

Is 'Twilight' a funny movie?

twilight is a romantic movie.

Is twilight the movie real?

The Twilight movie is not real