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The twilight movie uses most diolouge from the book and is basicly the same except for some small differences.

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Q: The similarities of twilight movie and book and movie?
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In twilight was Bella scared when she found out Edwards secret in the book and movie twilight?

she wasnt scared in the book or the movie

Which twilight book was the best?

if you saw the movie before the book eclipse if you read the book first twilight

Why is Twilight Movie titled 'Twilight'?

Because the movie Twilight is based of the book Twilight by Stephanie Meyer and In the books twilight is seen as the safest time of day for vampires.

Is the saga to twilight Robert Pattinson's first book's and or movie's of vampire's?

yes Did Robert Pattinson like the book movie and saga of twilight?

Does Poland have the best twilight?

Ummm............ The movie? Or the book? I would say America has the best twilight movie!!

Why did they make the movie twilight?

Twilight is a movie becasue it helps readers understand and picture what they have read in the book.

Do there is another movie of twilight?

They are making a movie of New Moon. That the 2nd book in The Twilight Saga. They also release a date for Eclipse to be in theaters. Eclipse is the 3rd book of The Twilight Saga.

Who is playing Andrew in the Twilight movie?

There is no one in the book Twilight named Andrew.

What is your opinoin of twilight the moovie?

The Twilight movie was good, But it didnt follow the book

What is the most read book in The Twilight Saga?

Twilight because of the movie came out

Will there be a twilight 2 and when?

Yes. New Moon is the next movie/book after Twilight

What book series is the movie TWILIGHT based on and who is the author of this series?

The movie "Twilight" is based on the book series of the same name written by Stephenie Meyer.