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The twilight movie uses most diolouge from the book and is basicly the same except for some small differences.

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2010-04-24 19:34:48
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Bella first heard about the huge animals in the woods while she was

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Q: The similarities of twilight movie and book and movie?
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What are the similarities of the new moon book and movie?

the similarities are in some parts of the book they are shown in the movie

Where was the movie twilight based on?

Twilight the Movie was based on the book Twilight by Stephenie Meyer.

Is golden onion in twilight book?

No. This was not in the book Twilight. This was only in the movie.

Is the Twilight movie about the first book or all four of them?

The movie is about the first book only. That's why its called Twilight and not the Twilight Saga.

What new moon?

a book of the twilight movie/ book seriesNew Moon is a book in the Twilight series.

In twilight was Bella scared when she found out Edwards secret in the book and movie twilight?

she wasnt scared in the book or the movie

What book is the Twilight movie based on?

It is based on the "Twilight Book Series" by Stephenie Meyer.

Golden onion in which twilight book?

No it is not in the book Twilight. This was only in the screenplay adapted for the movie.

What are some things that are in the book twilight and the movie twilight that are the same?

There are a lot of similarities. Like the location of the ballet studio and the type of car Bella drives and the car Edward has. stuff like that. One of the minor differences is when Bella wakes up in the hospital. In the movie her mom is there in the book it's Edward. so yea. If this is for a project I would suggest rereading the book and re-watching the movie to try and catch more important similarities

What was the difference in setting in twilight movie and twilight novel?

The twilight novel is the book

Which twilight book was the best?

if you saw the movie before the book eclipse if you read the book first twilight

Is the saga to twilight Robert Pattinson's first book's and or movie's of vampire's?

yes Did Robert Pattinson like the book movie and saga of twilight?

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