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It is silver just like in the book.

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Q: In the movie Twilight what is the color of Edward's car?
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What cars appeared in the movie twilight?

Edwards car is a Volvo Bella's truck is an 55 Chevy

What color was Phil's car in twilight?

Dark green. In the movie Phils car is Silver....

When do they play spotlight in twilight movie?

In the movie Twilight they play spotlight when, Bella and Edward are on the rock when they are talking how to change a mortal to an immortal, and when Bella steps out of Edwards car at school. =)

What composer was playing in Edwards car in the book Twilight?


In the twilight movie what is Edwards car?

There is a before car and an after car. The before car is fictional and based off the Mercedes guard. It is called the guardian. The after car is a FerrariWell at the start of Breaking Dawn the book its a Mercedes guardian

In twilight what color of car did Emmett have?


What color is Phil's car in twilight?

his car is black, charlies is a police crusier

What car does Alice have in twilight movie?

Alice and Jasper have a black car.

What color car does Bella Swan drive in twilight?

Orangy red

What is Bella's first car in the movie Twilight and what year?

It was a red Chevrolet and the movie came out in 2008

What does Edwards Cullen drive?

Edward Cullen drives a Volvo S60 R in Twilight but has a Aston Martin vanquish as a special occasion car

What color is carlisle's car in twilight?

Carlisle drives a black Mercedes S55 AMG.