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Twilight is a movie becasue it helps readers understand and picture what they have read in the book.

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Q: Why did they make the movie twilight?
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When did they make the movie twilight?

The run-time of the DVD "Twilight" is 122 minutes.

Did several companies make the movie Twilight?


How did the movie twilight make people feel?

It is an awful movie and it makes people feel freaky. Don't watch Twilight.

How much money did the movie twilight make?

twilight made $71.62 Million in the box offices

Is 'Twilight' a funny movie?

twilight is a romantic movie.

Is twilight the movie real?

The Twilight movie is not real

When are they going to make the new twilight movie?

November,18 2011

What was the twilight movie about?

The Twilight movie is based on the novel, "Twilight" writeen by Stephenie Meyer

Is there going 2 be a twilight part 2?

If you are talking about a sequal to the movie, than yes they will make a Twilight 2 movie. If you are talking about the book they have already made the sequals.

Is the movie of twilight by Stephenie Meyer called twilight as well?

Yes the movie was called Twilight.

Twilight was made in real life?

No, it was a fictional story. Yes, they did make a movie out of it.

Did they make the demonata movie?

No too busy stretchin twilight out as much as possible....