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over 5000 years ago

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Q: When did Ryou Bakura get the millennium ring?
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Why does Ryou Bakura have a dark side?

Cause he has the millennium ring, and the ring has a dark spirit that lives in bakura's body.

If Ryou Bakura were a pokémon which one would he be?


Is ryou bakura cute?

OBVIOUSLY he is cute:3

Does bakura die?

No but part of his soul has been transferred into the millennium puzzle. It is not clearly shown whether Bakura died or not. In the real past, Zorc, who had been controlling Bakura, was transferred into the Millennium Ring like the Pharaoh was transferred into the Millennium Puzzle. The real Bakura may have died long ago while Zorc and the Pharaoh stayed in their Millennium Items until the modern time and in the Memory world.

What are the 7 millennium items?

millennium puzzle/pendant yugi the millennium eye pegasus the millennium ring bakura the millennium scale shadi the millennium key shadi the millennium touqe/necklace ishisu the millennium rod marik

Did yu-gi-oh wanted to defeat ryo bakura?

Yami Yugi wanted to defeat Yami Bakura because he was possessing the body of Ryou Bakura and wated to take over the world (or something like that).

How do you pronounce Ryou Bakura's name?

Bah-koo-rah R(ee)-yoh [The 'Ryou' part is pronouced fast, so that the first syllable slurs into the second.]

Who is bakura?

Bakura is the guy that has the Millenium ring who occasionly gets possessed by thief king Bakura

In Yu-Gi-Oh is Bakura's first name spelled Ryou or Ryou since everybody says something different but Ryou seems to be the accepted spelling everywhere?

In Japanese, it is written Ryō, which can correctly be transcribed as either Ryo or Ryou. Which one is used is down to personal preference.

Does Ryou Bakura from Yu-Gi-Oh like someone?

If you mean romantically, then no: not in canon. Ryou tries very hard to make friends, but until the Spirit of the Millennium Ring revealed itself to him, he had no idea why any friends he did make kept falling into comas. He moved to Domino for a fresh start (though it's revealed toward the end of the series that his father owns the museum there). Yuugi and the others surviving the Spirit's Dark RPG helped cement their relationship as friends, but Ryou is nonetheless fairly introverted. He is shown writing letters to his late younger sister, Amane, but is so often taken over by the Spirit of the Millennium Ring that it's probable he just doesn't have the time or energy to pursue a romantic relationship with anyone (although with Ryou's personality, it's more like he'd be the one being pursued, as is the case with Miho in the Toei animation of the first arc of Yu-Gi-Oh).

Does Bakura from Yu-Gi-Oh have a Last Name?

To avoid confusion due to Japanese first and last names being given in reverse order to how it is written in the West, Bakura is his family name, his given name is Ryou.

Are Bakugan evil?

Yes, he tried to take over the world in the last season of the original series. The whole series (seasons 1 through 5) was leading toward the battle between the Pharaoh (Atem) and Bakura. Whoever won would decide the fate of the world. Even though Marik tried in vain to take Bakura's spot.